Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This little piggy...

I just finished filming my scene for "Naked Combat" and I think I am going to die. My ribs are bruised, my hand is swollen and bruised, my stomach is hurting bruised, my legs are in amazing pain, my neck is stiff and hurting, my back is... Well, you get the idea.

And, believe it or not... I broke a toe! (See gross photos above.) Freakin' Tyler Saint! He AIN'T no saint!

He had wrestling experience and knew all these cool moves. I knew shit and basically got my ass kicked. And when I got really pissed off and finally got some good moves in, he took it to the next level! Considering I could barely handle the first level, I was screwed. I didn't really expect to be in a serious, hard core wrestling match. Boy was I wrong!

Fortunately, Tyler made a few illegal moves (like picking me up over his head and body slamming me into the mat and kneeing me to the ribs) so the outcome of the match might not be what you think! Or it might be. You'll have to wait until it is released on the Kink.com "Naked Combat" website if you are interested.

In the mean time, I am going to be limping my beat up body to have dinner with my good friend Bo Matthews, have a few pain numbing drinks, and then drag my bruised, aching body to bed. The flight home tomorrow should be a rough one. Thank God for Lunesta!

And for the record, I still love Tyler Saint even if he did beat the crap out of me. I had no intention of "faking" the wrestling match. Even if it meant I would be horribly crippled afterwards. Which I just might be. Ugh.


Tom said...

Oh, they most certainly mean business over at Kink, don't they?!

Having met Tyler on a number of occasions, I'm surprised things got as rough as they did, but you two were clearly in it to create nothing less than a compelling scene. It's just unfortunate several parts of your beautiful body paid the price. (And that includes your toes, says the foot fan here.)

Have as good a flight as you can home!

Anonymous said...

Well dear, at least you got paid for it. It could have been Joe that did it. Or, roomie Brian? LOL David

Anonymous said...

Rich... do you even read these comments? David

Nick Moretti said...

Hey David, Yes! I do read these comments and I do respond. I can't believe you said that.. TOO FUNNY!!! This is a different kind of being beaten up for sure. At least my heart didn't get hurt this time. ;-) NIck

Anonymous said...

Nick, you poor old thing, I feel so sorry for you that you got all bashed up.. If I was nearby, I would come and look after you to care for all your wounds
Did Tyler fuck your cute little ass too?
LOAML, (Lots of all my love)

Nick Moretti said...

"Did Tyler fuck my sweet cute ass too?" Hmmm... I've been sworn to secrecy on that matter. You'll just have to wait until the scene is released! LOL