Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh no... Not Conner Habib!

I met Conner Habib when he tried to pick me up at the Folsom Street Fair. I couldn't stand the guy and did everything I could to keep him away. As fate would have it, I just got a message from Pantheon Productions (I filmed with them in October) asking if I was available to do a scene in January... with Conner! Ugh.

Of course, I'm kidding. Conner is a MAJOR HOTTIE! And we had a great connection from the moment we met. You can tell by the pictures and the short video I attached.

Just hope I'm all healed up by then cause I know that boy is going to give me a good workout. Now that's the kind of wrestling I like!

Click on the play button to see Conner and I together at the Folsom Street Fair and you can be the judge on whether we will make good scene partners or not.


Anonymous said...

Now, that's hot! How do I get in the middle of that sandwich?

;-) Coop

Stan said...

Smokin' HOT I'd say. I can't wait to see you two together.

Tom said...

I met Conner during Folsom, too, and didn't know he was in (or just getting into) the business. I thought he was simply a really hot non-industry friend of Roma's.

I remember you two getting friendly right behind me at the Kink.com booth. And my taking photos. =) The video was a nice reminder. Nice tongue hockey work, by the way!

He's on Facebook, and we're friends there. He's a smart kid. I like him a lot.

Unknown said...

Can't wait, what was your flim that you did for Pantheon Productions?

Nick Moretti said...
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Nick Moretti said...

Coop: You just have to insert yourself! :-)

Stan: Neither can I. I've been looking forward to that for months.

Tom: I can't believe you saw us together. Cool! I think he actually did his first scene ever with Josh West the next day. Thanks for the thumbs up on the kissing!

Everson: They just started editing the film and it should be out in the spring. The working title is "Bears in Paradise". My first "bottoming" role. I had done a post about it a while back kidding that it should be named "Precum: The Movie". LOL

Unknown said...

Oh yes! Get ready for it!

Nick Moretti said...

I am SO ready for it! :-)

Tom said...

You two! Get a room already!

(Oh, wait, you'll be getting one next week -- or, rather, a set.)

I am very excited about the fact that you'll be filming together; it's a given the scene is going to be scorching.

Anonymous said...

i saw nick fuck conner in brief encounters, IT WAS SO HOT! conner was really hurting at nick inserting his huge dick into conner's butt. Nice tongue work in that video btw.