Monday, December 15, 2008

Wrestling with Rats

I got home late last night to find that the latest cage/trap that I bought had worked! There was the cutest little mouse in there. (See photo)


I've spent the last month chasing a giant rat through my house as it runs away, stopping only to laugh at me, raise his little rat paw, and give me the finger.

So was I crazy? Was it really just a mouse this whole time.

That hope was extinguished quickly as I hear the stomping of loud, rat feet above my head in the addict, while I'm starring at the cute little mouse in the cage in front of me. Fuck!

So that means I have more than just a rat running around my house. I am going to be calling an exterminator the minute I get back from San Francisco. No more Mister Nice Guy! (In case you are wondering, I actually considered keeping the cute little mouse as a pet, but ended up driving it a few blocks away and letting it scamper away in a big field.) The rat I would not have thought was so cute. It has done so much damage to my house already. It even ate through all of the leather laces on my leather chaps! It must be destroyed!!! LOL. I actually don't want it to be killed... just taken away.

By the way, I officially apologize for my last post which was a shameless cry for affirmation. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the comments you guys left! Please keep them coming. Even the bad ones. It makes me know that I am not wasting my time with this blog. THANKS!!!

I'm off to San Francisco in a couple of hours to do my Naked Combat shoot with Tyler Saint. It should be fun! I'll take some pictures while I'm there and post them when I get back on Thursday. I'm psyched that I am going to get to hang out with my good friend Bo Matthews again while I'm there. I just love that guy!


Y said...

Lol you`re so funny,Nick:)I would do the same with the mouse,release it.But sorry for the leather laces.

No need to wish you:Have fun in SF:)

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem, it drove me nuts! By sheer coincidence,(or divine providence) my brother was moving and couldn't keep his cat. I did. Within a week, they were gone! I haven't heard or seen rodents since. That was over 2 years ago! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

mh... what's your dog doing?
Sitting around and laughing at you running after the rat? *g*

*hugs with love*

Anonymous said...

Samranx... I swear the one time the dog saw the rat run by she pee'd on the floor. You can't make that stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Poor doggy.
I'llkeep my fingers crossed, that you get rid of this rat.

*hugs with love*