Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nake Combat

God really does work in mysterious ways. (I know... a porn star talking about God and posting a naked picture with it. It happens!)

I've been so strapped for cash lately I've had to pick and choose which bills to pay. Life is tough for everyone right now. So I was completely ecstatic when I got a phone call today from the guys at asking me to fly out to San Francisco and do a test shoot for a new site they are developing called Naked Combat! I could really use the extra income about now, but there are other reasons I am so happy about the shoot.

First, I'm thrilled because, I LOVE working with My shoots for Bound Gods have all been amazingly creative and hot experiences. And the people that work there are wonderful to work with. Especially Van Darkholme. He's a hot man with tons of creative talent, a beautiful body, a great imagination, and the drive to get anything he can imagine made into reality.

Second, I'm so freakin' happy to have Tyler Saint as my Naked Combat wrestling opponent! I've know Tyler for quite a while now (since we shot a scene for Chi Chi Larue's "Link: The Evolution" together) and we even did a shoot for Bound Gods last year. He's not only HOT as hell but he is just as sweet and real.

The winner of the competition gets to fuck the loser. Now really, is there a loser in this situation? LOL! That said, I'm gonna do my best to take him down though. I mean, have you seen his ass? Yummm!!!

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Tom said...

Hey, congratulations on the new gig (and opportunity for some spendin' cash).

Tyler was present at the opening of Chi Chi La Rue's new store in West Hollywood; he was one of several porn performers who passed out champagne at the opening night party for the party. He is, as you say, not only hot physically, but he's darn sweet, too.

Here's to hoping that peppers you all over their compelling sites. Nick Moretti: The Face of Kink -- that'd look nice up in lights. =)