Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm in love!

Last night was New Year's Eve. The end of a year filled with amazing success and great losses for me. But they say that all of that is the journey that gets yo to where you are supposed to be. And last night I was where I was supposed to be... on a perfect date!

We got into my truck (complete with new working engine) and headed to the Broward Performing Arts Center to see "Avenue Q". 10th row seats!!! Color me happy! Had a drink at intermission and thought about how lucky I was to be there. Saw the rest of the show and LOVED IT!

Then we head to a little New Year's Eve house party that ended up being a HUGE New Year's Eve Extravaganza! Everyone I knew was there and I was surrounded by good, loving feelings. Good food... Good booze... and Good times! I kissed most of my close friends at midnight and we left about 15 minutes later.

Drove back to my place, slipped into more comfortable clothes, ate some Cheeseburger Lean Pockets, and relaxed. We ended up in bed and it all had a happy ending.

In case you are wondering who this mystery man is I'll tell you. It was me. I took myself on a date for New Year's Eve. I treated myself the way I would like to be treated. And I had a really, really perfect night. :-)

Well, it's 10am here and I am heading to Miami for the "Genesis Morning Party" and a club called Mansion. It's a New Year's morning tradition and my date and I are totally going to enjoy it! But, I have to admit... I may dump his ass if a nice, hot man comes along. LOL.

Your friend Nick


Anonymous said...

wow, what a nice way to start a new year!
your date seems to be a really sweet guy, spoil and pamper him, he deserves it!

happy new year, jana

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit! I second what Jana said, you deserve to be spoiled and pampered. I wish I had been at the party in Florida to give you a New Year's kiss too ;-)
Have a wonderful 2009!
Stay sexy and sweet,

Stan said...

Good for you Nick. Glad you liked Avenue Q, I loved it too. I hope you have a Healthy and Happy New Year in 2009!

Unknown said...

Man - I have to tell you, my NYE was all about me too - In a loving way. I even kissed myself at midnight. I think it takes a really special and compassionate person to give to himself what in the past he has expected others to give. I'm so excited to have this be a year of self love. And not just the kind I do when I watch your movies. SMOOCH! Conner

Tom said...


I'm always happy to hear about people learning to enjoy their own company (or enjoy it more). I typically travel the world on my own, prefer to see movies by myself, don't have any problem eating in restaurants by myself. (Of course, that's just because I'm plain selfish, heh.)

Anyway, glad you loved "Avenue Q" -- I got to see it in New York a couple of years ago and also adored it.