Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sickos, Drugs, Conner Habib & Huge Loads...

I'm falling asleep fast thanks to the Cold Medicine I just took but I had to give an update on how my porn filled trip is going.

I flew Southwest Airlines to San Francisco and that meant that I got to pick my own seat when I got aboard. Usually that wouldn't be a big deal, but this time it meant picking out who I would be contaminating with my horrible cold. I picked a poor sweet couple (see picture) who looked like they didn't have a problem in the world and could handle a few days of sniffling and sneezing. Even before the plane took off they new they were screwed, thanks to my non-stop sneezing and coughing, and they moved as far away from me as possible on a packed plane. So I actually got tons of room to stretch out my aching body. I really felt bad for them, but somebody had to get it and why not them?

My friend Bo Matthews picked me up at the airport after I landed and I made him take me immediately to Walgreens Pharmacy on Castro Street for some Cold Medicine. The cold medicine isle was filled with other gay guys also infected with this horrible plague.

I got to the Armory, checked in (after a 1/2 hour wait from the new security guard who I am convinced is actually retarded), took my cold medicine, and dropped my ass into bed.

This morning, when I woke up, I felt halfway human. See the two pictures of me to see what I ended up looking like for the Pantheon shoot with the salt & pepper hair and beard.

The shoot went FREAKING AWESOME!!! Conner and I had a GREAT connection and it was a very passionate and HOT scene. I was the "Daddy" taking his nervous "Boy" to a sex club for the first time. The scene played out perfectly and the HUGE cum shots at the end were the proof

I posted some pictures of Conners photo shoot here. What a HOT and SEXY fucker he is!

The two of us went to a great Thai Restaurant afterwards and finally got to eat. (You usually don't eat before a porn shoot for many reasons which I will not begin to touch on but include not having a big ole' belly for the photo shoot.)

Then tonight we met out at a bar called 440, had a few laughs, and went for a late night meal at a Mexican restaurant. (Ya... that means I will probably have a big ole' belly for my Bound Gods shoot tomorrow.)

Well, there is my update on how my trip is going. I'll try to post another one right after my Bound Gods shoot tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good night's sleep. I know I will!


Stan said...

If you sat next to me anywhere, I wouldn't care how sick I got with your cold. It'd be worth it. I hope you get over it soon.

Tom said...

Oh, I think you're swell, but I'd still have given you a wide berth -- and possibly the fish-eye -- myself. Heh.

Thanks for sharing your shots from Conner's photo shoot. Yum! I can't wait to check that scene out.