Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brrrr... it's cold in here!

They delivered my new refrigerator today so now I can go out and buy some Cheeseburger Lean Pockets again!!!

My old refrigerator broke a couple of months ago. It wouldn't turn on again after it cycled off. That meant that if I didn't turn it back on manually it would defrost. So I couldn't really keep food in it, especially if I went away on a trip.

So I finally got some money thanks to the latest round of porn and bought a new one! Ah... the glamorous life of a porn star and all the wonderful, exciting things we get to buy with the porn money. Jeez... it's all I can do just to pay my bills!

And while were on the topic of cold...
It's FREEZING HERE! I think it was 42 degrees here today and tonight it's going down to the 30's. But no worries... I'll be on the cruise soon enough. I hope. Some complications I'd rather not mention have popped up.


Stan said...

It sure is a beauty Nick! I love those side by side models. And an ice maker too! Great for those cocktails. I guess your all set now.
I know what you mean about the cold. Up here in NY/NJ it barely reaches 30 during the day. I'm so sick of winter. I hope you have a pleasant cruise.

Anonymous said...

Freezing? OMG.
I would love to have these temperatures a week ago.
It was like -20degrees Celsius here.
Nooot really comfortable.

Hope, you have fun at the cruise. *g*
And with your new freezer. Looks cool.