Monday, January 12, 2009

Armistead Maupin saw my dick!

First, let me say I am a big, freakin' dork!
I actually met Armistead Maupin when I was in San Francisco and I had NO IDEA it was him. I am a HUGE fan of his. I've read and reread the Tales of the City books over and over again (as any self-respecting gay man should).

I was hanging with Conner and some other people (in a situation and place I would rather not mention here) and I was introduced to this older guy who looked just like Armistead Maupin. After about an hour he left and later on Conner actually brought up Armistead's name while we were kidding around. I thought it was funny that he thought he looked like him too.

Today I was reading an email that had been frowarded to me and when I glanced at the bottom I saw the name Armistead. Huh?

I texted Conner immediately and he confirmed that I am a big ole' dork and that it was him.

And to make the whole thing worse.... ARMISTEAD MAUPIN SAW MY DICK!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy he saw it (you can probably tell I like to show it to people). I'm not sure he was impressed... but I'd like to think so. Unfortunately, I didn't get to tell him how impressed I am with him. How much I LOVE his work and how he has had such a positive influence in my life through his stories when I really didn't have any other exposure to gay life.

NOTE: The photo of Conner and I was taken with my trusty iPhone at an awesome Tea place named Samovar. I highly recommend it for great tea and fresh and tasty food! When I actually met Armistead Maupin, Conner and I were pretty much doing the same thing as in this photo, but we may or may not have been wearing clothes at the time. ;-)


Frank said...

Haha Nick
Conner is a sweet guy,glad you were able to hang out with him during your latest trip to San Francisco even if it was for work.
Love the pics,I had to play catch up.First of all you may be a big freakin dork but in my opinion your a big freakin hot sexy dork.

Stan said...

I agree with Frank. Your a hot sexy dork for sure! I too admire Armistead Maupin and love his books too. You and Conner look great together. I sure would have loved to catch the two of you in your act together. It must have been really hot!