Friday, January 23, 2009


Still not sure what's happening about the cruise. I may be going. I may not be going. I may be going, but not alone. I don't know.

And on the brighter side...
My refrigerator doesn't work. It just never got cold. All my food, including the new stuff is spoiled. The people at The Home Depot have been nice and are going to replace it after I get back from the cruise... if I go. Now I have to call there "Insurance" people and argue with them to get the money back for all the food. Ugh.

Sometimes you're the bug... and sometimes you're the windshield.


Stan said...

Sorry to hear that Nick. What could be wrong with a brand new fridge?

Tom said...

While I'm sorry about the fridge, hot stuff, I must say it provided the incentive for you to create the very humorous graphics ("SOS" and the floating fridge -- delightful).

Anonymous said...

that's one hasty mask job-- good to see you're not perfect

Nick Moretti said...

Hey!!! What do you mean I'm NOT perfect!!! LOL!
Believe me... I'm FAR from perfect.

Don't know what the heck is wrong with the fridge. Just a lemon, I guess. They are supposed to bring a new one tomorrow. I'm so tired of living out of a styrofoam cooler! I haven't had a Lean Pocket in weeks now!!!