Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Daddy to Master

I'm all shaved and colored and ready to film my scene with Bound Gods as Master Nick. I really got GREAT responses from the salt & pepper Daddy Nick look and it's good to know that I can do it whenever I want by just doing nothing! (You can scroll down to the post below to see what I looked like yesterday at this time.)

I met my scene partner last night. Actually, he sneaked up on me while I was on the computer at the Armory and scared the shit out of me. This building is creapy as hell and I was the only one staying here... or so I thought.

Gotta say, he looks nothing like his pictures. He looked like a pretty boy twink in the photos I got of him. I guess he's grown up a bit since then cause he's HOT as fuck now!

This is his first Bound Gods video and I hope he's up for the challenge. We'll find out soon enough. I'll try to post an update and some photos when we're done filming.

I hope you guys like these posts I'm doing updating on my porn shoots. I could always go back to posting about rats and Lean Pockets. ;-)


Unknown said...

WOW you look so good before after in between all of the above, your chest looks very good and that body amazing, i just love your body hair i can't take my eyes of it and you, have fun in SF hope you are back at 100% soon take care.

Stan said...

Daddy, Master whatever, I never ever get tired of looking at you Nick. That treasure trail of yours is hot as hell! I don't care what subject you post about Nick, it's just great reading what your up to and hearing about how your doing. Have a good time in S.F. and have a safe trip back.

Anonymous said...

I'm a miserable traveler when flying with a cold. You look great! What cold?

Homer said...

Hey buddy, I was thinking about you and like magic I came across your new blog. XOXOXOXO

Tom said...

I'm very much appreciating the updates! And, yes, I favor them over rats and Hot Pockets. However, you have an engaging writing style that makes most subject matters interesting. ;-)

It's gotta be a blast knowing you can rock either look. (I think I'm fondest of you clean-shaven but with the salt-and-pepper hair.)