Monday, January 5, 2009

Why I have a hot ass...

I have a little confession...

There is something you should know about me if you ever run into me in a bar or club in Fort Lauderdale.

If you reach into my back pocket you will probably find an fully cooked Lean Pocket that has been kept at just the right temperature by being nestled between my warm and inviting...

OK, got carried away there.

Sometimes there is one in each back pocket if it's going to be a long night. And it will probably be Cheeseburger flavor. This is an absolute fact that my friends have learned to accept. (At least I think they accept it.)

And DO NOT confuse this as an offer to give you a bite. You may draw back a nub if you try to rob one of my Lean Pocket Cheeseburger treats.

I just thought you should know what that delicious aroma coming from by bootie area was.

And now you know :-)


Anonymous said...

Nick - thank you for sharing this endearing, yet completely horrifying secret with us, your fans.

No judgment, but I do think slightly less of you now.

I'm totally kidding - that is hilarious. I wish I could eat Lena Pockets and still stay so cut.

What do you do when you wear ass-less pants? No back pocket!?

You're the best.

Stan said...

I prefer you in leather chaps Nick. Leather harness, boots....okay I'll stop now.