Monday, March 4, 2013

Nothing like a stinky old pup

I'm lying in bed so nice and peaceful on this beautiful San Francisco morning, with my head resting on my dog Cynder's back, she is snoring like she does, and then, unexpectedly, she stinks me out with a silent but deadly. Darn you stinky old pup!!!
What a way to wake up.

I told you guys Cynder had officially gone deaf a while back and the poor old girl continues to fall apart. I affectionately refer to her as "rotting death with a bow" sometimes. She only has one or two teeth left, here eyes are cloudy from cataracts, she's getting pretty senile, and she has trouble walking frequently. Her walking has gotten so bad that I carry her up and down the stairs now and many times I end up carrying her for most of her walks.

But she is happy as hell and is doesn't seem to be in any pain. She actually still acts like a little puppy. Especially when we play tongue wars in bed every morning. She just wants to lick and lick and lick me and I attack her back with kisses and licks. He endurance is much stronger than mine and she always wins, leaving me soaking wet with hundreds of licks.

Cynder is well over 15 years old now. That's really, really old for a shih tzu. Their life span is usually about 13 years. So you better believe I am completely taking advantage of the time I have left with her. We are always snuggling, or playing or sleeping together. Truth be told, I'm getting up there in age myself. Most of my body aches from injuries and arthritis and sometimes I feel like Cynder and I are both winding down at the same time. I'm really not sure how I'm going to react when she finally passes on. She's been in my life longer than any other life partner. I have truly been blessed to have had my stinky little pup in my life.


Jim said...

She's very cute :) Not a bad pic of you either! :) Nice post!

Wesley B. Foreman said...

I always enjoy hearing about Cynder. I know how hard it can be to lose a beloved pet, so I will keep hoping in my heart that she will be with you, happy and healthy, for as long as possible.

Stan said...

I know how you feel. I have a 14 y/o calico cat. I dreaded the days I've had to put my other pets down and the pain and emptiness that follows is almost unbearable.
If only we could find that unconditional love in another human being. Enjoy your time together.

Andy said...

What a cute picture of you too. It's great that you take care of her so well.

Pick said...

I'm so glad she's still with you Nick. I check with Steve (a friend of mine in your building) now and then to see if he sees her.

I suddenly lost my Meghan this past Friday night. She was diagnosed with lymphoma back in July and has been her normal, joyful, incredibly loving, active Golden Retriever self till 2 1/2 hours before she passed away.

She's been taking wonderful care of me since I lost Nikko in July of 2011 and we were inseparable.

It was a blessing she went so fast and so peacefully, without pain or fear. I was warned she could be very ill for a few weeks once the lymphoma kicked in, and she and I were spared that, thank God. Bless her heart!

Enjoy every second with Cynder and when it's eventually her time, I hope she passes as easily and with as much dignity as Meghan went.

I miss her so very much!

Nick Moretti said...

Awww Pick I am so sorry you lost Meghan but I'm happy it ended as well as it could have. You think you are going to get another little baby to share your life with again?

Pick said...

Hey Nick,

Not sure where life is headed at the moment, so I'll see.

I'd love to rescue a dog who needs me, but it's going to be awhile before I'm ready I think.

Hugs to you and Cynder.