Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy beaver...

I've been a busy little beaver the last few weeks. Thank God!

My 3-way shoot with Blake Daniels went really well. Having two HOT scene mates made things fun and easy. Then I had my Hot House Club Inferno shoot with Jessie Balboa (see photo) for their upcoming movie "Fisting Freaks". I've been friends with Jessie for years and this was the first time we worked together. DAMN does that boy have one amazing hole. Very, very hot scene with a crazy ending. Christian Owen at Hot House is an awesome director and great to work for.
Yesterday I had a Gang Bang shoot with a beautiful boy as the bottom and 6 hot top guys with big dicks. NICE!!! I guess you can say that life is good.

I'm almost done settling into my new apartment. I only have 2 boxes left to unpack. I bought a new comforter set for my bedroom today (see photo) so my bedroom is finally finished. I really want to have it finished completely by Thanksgiving so Cynder, Bubba and I can have a nice day watching movies and chilling out.

Speaking of Cynder and Bubba... I took Cynder for a haircut this morning (see photo) and she looks so freakin cute!!! The lady who cut her hair said she was really grouchy and kept snapping at her. She's 13 years old! That's really old for a shitzu... gotta cut her some slack. New Bubba (see photo) is really sweet. Even sweeter than old Bubba. He's comes out begging for snacks whenever I'm around and he just sits there nibbling away. Adorable!

Getting back to the busy beaver theme... I had to share a photo that I took of a new product currently in the window of a sex themed store on Castro Street. I've seen the thing where you make a mold of your weiner but I've never seen the pussy version. I wonder if you could use it for a jello mold for Thanksgiving dinner? Hmmm...

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CT said...

Cynder and Bubba are simply adorable!