Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a dirty, dirty boy.

I know this is gross but if you read this blog regularly you know that I really don't sugar coat anything. The cast on my hand is FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!

I've only had it since Thursday and it is already covered dirt, food, blood, cum, piss and probably a dozen other substances and bodily fluids that are most likely NOT good for the healthy healing of my surgery.

The surgeon told me to keep it clean and dry. He's gonna kill me. It's GROSS!!! They are going to need a Hazmat team to get it off of me. And God knows what it's going to look like underneath. I pulled at the gauze around my fingers and what I see inside looks like something from a horror movie.

I have an appointment with the surgeon during my lunch hour today. I bet you he's gonna rip this toxic cast off and put another one on. Wish me luck!

While you're wishing me luck, would you please take a minute and click on this link 247gay.com and vote me as HOT and not NOT. I hate these friggin poles. Who the hell put me in there and who the hell put the dorky picture of me in a suit? Couldn't they at least have put a photo of me in a jock? Why the hell do I feel bad about it and why the hell am I obsessing about it?
OK... all better now. Thanks! ;-p


DTWave said...

Covered in cum and piss? Auction it off on Ebay!

Samaranx said...

cool idea... at least than you know, you've some hardcore fans out there.

Hope the doctor isn't to mad at you for... spoiling the bandage. Like I said before... or maybe Nitzsche:
'What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.'

hugs from germany,

Stan said...

I think you look great in that suit Nick! But whether in or out of clothes you always look HOT! That's what I voted.
It's alway hard to keep that white gauze clean for anyone. Get that dressing changed and maybe wear latex gloves over it next time.

wdavi said...

Have you seen your poll numbers? Nothing to worry about. Nice cast. When I had one, every visit my doctor would lecture me about keeping the cast clean. Dirty Boy! :>)

James said...

Being around nurses all my life, i was taught that if you are very careful you could cut and replace those bandages. Course you have to buy the stuff to do that. You are so helpless sometimes you HOT man. But I still love ya. HUG :-)
James from Iowa

Damien said...

I have to say mate that after seeing that cast it was a bit of a conundrum choosing HOT or NOT.... really.

What the.....?

evo said...

How dare 20% vote no.. dumb asses... you are the hottest Nick. come recouperate in my spa in Australia.


Pick said...

OK, what are you doing wanking off with that hand? That's why "FleshLights" were invented ... for those keep the bandage clean days.

Love that suit pic ... really cute, in a HOT way!

Oh yeah, and like you weren't a "dirty, dirty boy" before. ;o[) We luv ya that way!