Monday, May 11, 2009

Two great shoots and one great weekend! (EDITED VERSION)

This post was actually much longer and had more photos but I was asked by a friend to remove some photos and content. So now it's been heavily edited. Sorry. Wish you could have read and seen the rest of the post.

Here are some pictures from my weekend adventures. Saturday was my shoot with Race Cooper for his website Edger9.

Coop was nice enough to take me sightseeing after the shoot. I finally got to see the Golden Gate Bridge!
Later I got to have lunch with Conner Habib. He gets cuter every time I see him!

That night I went to a party at Wunderland and got to hang out with Brandon Clark and Sister Roma for a while. I have to admit I was kinda drunk and don't really remember much of our conversation. I was praying that I didn't say anything wrong or make a fool of myself. The next day they were both still talking to me so I guess I behaved. Or maybe they were just as drunk as I was! LOL

I ended up walking back home to the Armory from Wunderland (a really far walk!) On the way I passed by a Carl Jr's that was still open and ate a mess of really bad food. It was DELICIOUS!!!

Sunday morning I was feeling a bit under the weather from the drinking the night before. So I went to Harvy's for brunch with Aaron, Conner and Bo Matthews. A couple of "Bloody Mary Tyler Moore's" later and I was feeling pretty good again. Hair of the dog indeed!

Later on Sunday I went to the Big Muscle Tea Dance at DNA Lounge where Conner was hocking his goods in some tight bootie shorts.

I just had to get a peak at Conner's pretty little butt. Ahh... memories. LOL

Somehow a little rubber duckie got wedged all up in his business. Lucky ducky!
Apparently, Arron was having duck problems of his own.

I forgot the name of the guy in the green shirt, but he was cute as hell. He was smoking like a fiend because his boyfriend hates when he smokes but he wasn't there with him today. The other guy is the very sexy, sweet and shy director, Tony DeMarco.
Frank Rodriguez was at the Big Muscle Party and I got to thank him for helping me down the stairs and out the door at Wunderland the night before. Like I said... I drank a little too much. LOL. The other guy is Conner's furry and sexy roommate.
I walked over to The Eagle, which was only a block away, for their Sunday Beer Bust. Lot's of HOT guys all getting drunk or high on weed. I ran into some of the bareback porn guys and hung out with them for a while. Cool and crazy guys. Here is a picture of me with Jesse O'Toole. Unfortunately, my camera went dead before I could take a picture with Damon Dogg.
Yesterday was my BoundGods shoot with Zane Jacobs. This time I'm out of the dungeon and leather and into a suit and a classroom. Teacher Nick Moretti is determined to teach his punk-assed student, Zane Jacobs, some manners. You think I was able to persuade him to behave? If you would have seen his ass when I was done with him you would have known the answer to that. Guess you'll just have to wait for the video to be released to find out.

8 comments: said...

Nick.....u are having way too much fun please include me......Ned

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend fun with us. Glad you had a wonderful time. Keep us updated on the release schedule for both shoots.

We miss you when you're gone. Have a GREAT day.

Goodguy Bear :-)

wdavi said...

Great photos! The last time I saw a picture of the Golden Gate that looked this good, I had to buy it! :>) Did an iphone take that great shot?

Frank said...

Hahaha Nick
I had a great time at both events.I didn't know you walked that far to the Armory(reminds me of my walk to Polk St the past two months)If I would have known I could have called you a taxi or something.The guy in the green shirt is Andy.He is a cutie huh?
I wondered where his boyfriend was LOL
Hope to see you again

Stan said...

I need to get back to that great city again soon. It's been too many years since I was in SF. Thanks for the great pics and accounts Nick. This is why I love you and your blog so much.

gpcrush said...

Ok ya'll look like you were having too much fun! Love the photos! I'm sad I missed the fun!

Yes, Conner does get CUTER every moment. I'm so gonna tease him about the ducky in his bootie. hee! I love the photo of you and Brandon.

Oh a whole other note, why am I not surprised you and Coop almost got caught? ;@)


Sue said...

Great photos Nick! I'll try to post something here!

Anonymous said...

fun! my weekend was positively shite compared to yours lol