Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mystery of the Atlasmen shoot

Don't know if you guys remember this, but I did a shoot with back in December. Mike, the photographer, seemed like a really nice, mellow kind of guy. We got up early in the morning and my friend Tim did an awesome shoot first, then I did one and then we did some photos together. Everyone got along great and it was a nice mellow day. I was really looking forward to seeing the results of the shoot.

Months later, I hadn't received even one photo, and I was still trying to get the photographer to respond to my emails. Tim got all of his photos pretty much the next day. Many of my friends had shot with him since then and have gotten their photos quickly as well. And lately, some visiting porn stars have been shooting with Atlasmen and getting their photos as well.

So I'm not sure what happened here. Initially, I waited a few weeks and then send him a nice email thanking him for the shoot and wondering when I would see some of the photos. Then a few weeks later I sent him another email asking if he was OK and reminding him that I still hadn't seen even one photo. (Meanwhile, so many of my friends were shooting with him and seeing their photos right away.) I waited a few weeks more and sent a third email asking him to please respond to my email and again expressing concern for his welfare. This time I got a response that he had been very busy and was sorry for the delay and would get me the photos right away. Another month went by, more friends shot and got their photos immediately... nothing from the photographer.

So I sent one final email expressing disappointment and bewilderment at his not getting me the photos or even caring enough to keep me updated. It told him that I would really appreciate a response and that I would not try to contact him again. I never heard anything from him again.

Luckily, Tim had provided me with a link to his online database right after we shot and I was able to go on and view the low-res files. After the second email I actually went on there and took a screen shot of each photo just so I could have a record of them. It's all that I have of that shoot. Unfortunately, they are all low res and the Atlasmen logo is not on them. I wasn't going to use them but... heck, I spend time and energy on that shoot and I like some of the photos.

Maybe the photographer will read this post and finally respond. I doubt it. I would love to know what really happened though. Maybe he just didn't like me. It happens. Guess I'll never know.

Anyway, here's a bunch of photos from the shoot. Too bad the Atlasmen logo isn't on them so that he could get credit for them. His loss I guess.


Stan said...

I remember you mentioning this a while back. That's weird how he would behave like that. These are really great shots Nick. You should be proud.
By you confessing of not wearing underwear, my imagination runs right through those jeans! WOOF!

James said...

And I thought that i was the only one who got shafted in one way or another like your photographer did to you. At least he doesn't owe you money. LOL
I forgot about the fact that you do "commando" as far as underwear is concerned. I'm the same. I hate underwear. HUG.
James from Iowa

wdavi said...

While your reading your post, I thought that maybe, he the photographer, wasn't pleased with the results of the photos. And for reasons (artistic?) wouldn't contact you about the finished photos. That is, until I scrolled down to the pictures. They're actually quite good. Low res.and all! They show a softer romantic you. I wonder what gives with this photographer?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Atlas photos. They are wonderful. You look really GREAT in those jeans...even better without them. :-)

Have a GREAT day.
Goodguy Bear

Pick said...

I echo what wdavi wrote - I actually wondered the same thing and then saw the pix. Hmmm, these artistic types, ya just never know.

Whatever his reasoning (if there was any) those shots are great and he should be ashamed of himself for treating you like that. He's lost himself one damn fine model.

Btw, the truck pix ... you look Ford tuff and sexy as all get out! WOOF!