Monday, May 4, 2009

A freakin mess!

This is the view I had on the way to work this morning. The floor of my truck is a freakin mess. Lean Pocket boxes and microwave crisper sleeves, Coffee Coolata cups, protein bar wrappers, junk mail and newspapers, tons of Mapquest printouts. A FREAKIN MESS! Even the little monkey that Luke brought me back from his Mustang "Green Door" shoot seems to be cringing at the sight of it. (He got me the monkey because his pet name for me is Monkey Butt. I know... TMI.) Thank God for the Apple scented Renuzit Air Freshener sitting right next to the Monkey. Who knows how bad my truck would smell without it!
So I park my truck in the waterfront parking lot behind my office and walk into the lobby of my building with it's highly polished marble and dramatic vaulted ceilings. What a different view from the filth I just stepped out of. Have to say I feel more at home in the dirty truck though.

This is going to be a CRAZY week! First off, the rat is back. Ugh. I opened my closet door to find something moving, on the bottom shelf, under my nicely folded t-shirts. It revealed itself to be a big rat that promptly scurried out from under the shirts, across my foot, and through the house until it dissapeared behind the dish washer and made it's way up through the wall and back to it's home in the attic. Obviously, I put a call in to the rat catcher and he is coming out to my house again.

Tomorrow I start the required pre-tests for my surgery next week. EKG, chest x-ray, blood work. God know how much all this is going to cost me. As long as I have all the tests done I'm going to take advantage of them and schedule my shoulder surgery as well. I had a Labral Tear and a Bicep Detatchment a few years back and had them repaired. MAJOR surgery and MAJOR rehab. Good thing is that my shoulder is bionic now! Or at least it was, until recently. According to the MRI I had done a couple of months ago I reinjured myself. Could have been the bondage stuff, or the wrestling stuff, or working out, or just some plain old rough sex... but I have a labral tear again. I've been trying to put it off as long as possible but the pain has escalated in the last 2 weeks. It's constantly at about a level 5 and peaks to 8. Especially at night while I'm trying to sleep. So it's time to get that taken care of as well.

Friday I leave for San Francisco where I'll be spending some time with my friends Conner Habib, Race Cooper and Bo Matthews. Monday I shoot with for BoundGods and then take the red-eye back so I can make it to work on Tuesday morning.

Sorry this is such wordy and boring post but the life of a porn star isn't always that exciting. LOL. I'll post some pictures from the Atlasmen shoot I did tomorrow. I hope that makes up for this lame post.


Stan said...

Oh you dirty beggar! Your lucky you don't have rats in your truck! That's a beautiful lobby in your building where you work.
Sorry to hear about the physical problems but you know the older we get.....
I've gone through my own medical problems but I hope things work out for you. Looks like a summer of recoperation for you although I can't imagine you staying put for long.
Nick your posts are NEVER lame.

James said...

OMG Nick, don't you have medical coverage where you work? You'll have a bill bigger than a mountain if you don't.

Sorry to hear about the know FL, AZ, etc. (CA?) all have rats. I'll take the Midwest any day. Hell, even Chicago!!!

Your posts are never boring and I look forward to them all the time. HUGS!!!
James from Iowa.

Race Cooper said...

Dude, that's gross!!! Clean your fucking truck!!! :) Other than that, looking forward to seeing you this weekend.... :)

Sue said...

Well, rats! So to speak. I left you a sensitive message for your last post about your poor hand, and somehow it vanished! I hate to type them twice because it looks so lame if they both show up. Anyhow, so it is time to take the ol' machine in for a tune up eh? Get all the parts reamed out and regreased? Golly, you'll just feel like a million bucks after that (NOT). Ugh! Surgery just sucks!

And the rats! Maybe you will just have to give in and get a big ol' tom cat. I'd flip if a rat ran over my foot, even though I've worked with 'em in the lab. LOL!

Have a great weekend and try to forget about next week.

Anonymous said...

You seem to always be full of sholder surgery. I guess get all the pain and insurance deductables over at once. Hope you have local friends that will be with you in the hospital and help keep an eye on you afterwards. Please keep us posted.

Your posts are aways interesting and never boring. Especially when you throw in a hot photo or two....or three.....or four.

Hang in there and have a great evening.

Goodguy Bear

P.S....CLEAN YOUR TRUCK!!!!!! :-)

Damien said...

Again... we dont JUST come here for the porn or porn star goss - we also come here for you and your everyday life which is as much if not more interesting (xcuse the shocking grammar)

Now clean your truck you dirty fucking ho before your rat moves from the attic to the truck :)