Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ho's on cars

I just got back from lunch and am still trying to block the sight of some white-trash chick's ass poking out at me from the car next to me. Jeez... doe's anyone really need to see that after eating?

Something EVERYONE needs to see is Race Coopers HOT AS FUCK body! And I'll be seeing a lot more of it when I shoot for his new website EDGER 9 on Saturday. Rumor has it somebody will be getting pounded on a car somewhere on the streets of San Francisco. I'm not revealing any more details though. You guys are gonna have to wait and log on to his site when it is released.

I have SO MUCH work to catch up with before I leave for San Francisco tomorrow. It was supposed to be 2 days of vacation (spending time with my friends Race Cooper, Conner Habib and Bo Matthews) and one day of work (shooting with on Monday). But now it's 2 days of work and one day of vacation. OK... who am I kidding? Like fucking with Coop is going to be work!!!

It's going to be a very, very good weekend!


James said...

So you have white trash HO's down there also, huh? I quess they are everywhere then. Ha! When is your surgery scheduled?
James from Iowa

Damien said...

Trash is everywhere and they done did be having fun in that horseless carriage !!!


Stan said...

Lucky you Nick "working" with Race! What a hottie he is. I'm looking forward to that scene. Have a good, safe weekend.