Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hunting for Head... again.

I just checked my email and found an ad for the new Hot House film Head Hunters Two along with an ad for a 3 for $99 DVD sale featuring a picture of me from Head Hunters, Inc., the first installment of the series.

That was kind of a cum-back film for me. When I first started out I had done a whole bunch of porn in a pretty short time. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite ready for that yet. I felt pressured and insecure and the porn stuff was stressing me out big-time. So I took a few months off and meditated and prayed about the situation. I know... it probably sounds weird... a porn star praying about porn issues. But it's true.

One evening I was hanging out with friends at a local bar and they introduced me to these two very hot and very nice guys from San Francisco. We ended up joking around and drinking and dancing the whole night. Before I left one of them handed me a business card and asked me if I had ever thought about doing porn. I laughed and told them that I had actually done some and that Link: the Evolution, along with a couple of other films I did, had just come out. I looked down at the card and it turns out I had been hanging out with Steven Scarborough and his partner Brent Smith. Too freakin funny! The universe really does send you what you need when you are ready for it.

We talked for a couple of more minutes and they said they would be calling me soon and using me on their next project. I left there and went home and thought, "That would be really great! I'm so ready to jump back into the porn business again." This time I would not feel pressured or stressed. This time I would do things at my speed and enjoy every minute of it.

A week later I got a call from Steven and he told me about the film Head Hunters, Inc. he was working on and how he wanted to pair me up with their new exclusive Dillon Crow. After checking out his photos on the Hot House website I was totally psyched. He was a hot boy with an amazingly beautiful ass, nice cock, beautiful face and some pretty extreme tattoos. PERFECT!

A couple of weeks later I flew out to San Francisco and filmed with Hot House for my first time. It was an awesome experience! I guess they were happy with me too because they had me back for a scene in Masterpiece. A big "THANK YOU!!!" to Steven and Brent at Hot House for giving me a chance to get back into the porn world and congratulations to Steven for the well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award that he just received at the 2009 Grabby's.


Stan said...

From what I've read about Steven and his partner Brent the two seem like really nice guys and this post of yours only confirms that Nick. Indeed congratulations to Steven for recieving the Lifetime Achievement Award. Hot House does really fine work.

James said...

Head Hunters is the first time I saw you in action. I thought who in the hell is the dark hairy man? Now I'm writing him almost everyday!! Thanks.
James from Iowa.

Pick said...

Oh how I love word play ... not to mention that particular "Stimulus Package"! No getting through a door sideways for you! ;o{)

wdavi said...

Ah, "Head Hunters" Also, the first time I saw you in film as well. I count the scene you had with Dillon, as one of your best to date.

Sue said...

Wow! Working with Hot House could be really great for you Nick! It could lead to bigger and better things. :)

Dillon is a charmer.

Nick Moretti said...


I worked with Hot House on 2 films and that's probably all I'll get to do with them. Unless they get me to do some of the nasty Club Inferno Dungeon stuff. THAT would be fun! I love working with the guys there.

Do you know what is up with Dillon these days? I haven't seen anything from him for a while and I've heard rumors that he's quit doing porn. He's such a sweet, young guy so I hope he's happy with whatever he's doing right now. He's got many years ahead of him to get back into the business again if that's what he wants.

Sue said...

I have no idea what Dillon is doing... sorry.

Let them know your interest in the club inferno stuff. I am sure they are always looking for guys for that.