Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Healing up and ready to party

After a great weekend of watching DVD's of the 2nd Season of Heros, overhauling my backyard, drinking many Mango Martinis Spritzers made with fresh mangos from my backyard and hanging out with Luke a whole bunch, I'm feeling pretty good again!

Things are back to normal, well almost normal at the gym. I've lost some strength and mobility in my hand but I'm doing some at-home physical therapy and I know I will recover completely. And it doesn't look gross any more! Just another scar. Actually, I think I added about 15 years to my lifeline! LOL! Next up is my shoulder surgery on the 18th of this month.

I got tired of the beard so I shaved it off. The break from shaving did wonders for my skin. It's soft and supple like a babies butt. I'll probably grow the beard back after my upcoming shoot in Palm Springs in a week and a half. I'll give more details about that in one of my next posts. Rumor has it I'll be working with Derrek Diamond again!

This weekend is Gay Disney... a HUGE event at Disney World in Orlando Florida. I've gone almost every year for the past 6 years and months ago booked a room (which is non-refundable) at the host hotel. So I guess I'm going! I haven't been in much of a party mood lately. Hopefully once I get around the sunny weather, great music and hot men, that will all change.


Pick said...

Gay Disney? ... I bet he's whirling in his cryonic chamber. It actually sounds really fun. Have a blast.

The hand looks great, and scars are sexy. Just make up a good story about how you got it.

I've actually had people believe me when I tell them the scar on my left arm came from rescuing some kids from a burning building. I'm a terrible fibber so I'm usually in shock if somebody falls for it. I do come clean but it's fun to lead them on for a while.

Nick Moretti said...


Gay Disney is the biggest "Circuit Party" event in the world! Parties at night in the parks. They even have one at the water park (that's my favorite). And they have great pool parties during the day.

I've been telling people it was a fisting accident. Coming from me I think it's probably pretty believable. I usually say "He sneezed". LOL

I need to pick your brain Pick...
A friend of mine plays the Oboe and is looking to get reeds. He orders them and usually 1 out of 10 works for him. I read your post about the reeds. Do you make them and sell them? Do you have someone you order them from who is good? Or do you just make them for yourself.
Also, he wants to get his oboe tuned after his next concert and also he just got a french horn (the best one they make (I forget the name but I remember it sounded like a drag queens name to me... like LaFenesia or somethine LOL). He's looking to get that overhauled as well. Replace pads and such. Do you do that sort of work? Thought if you did I could send some business your way. If not do you know anyone good that he could use?
Damn am I needy today! LOL

Stan said...

The hand looks great Nick. Gay Disney sounds great but for my budget these days I'm lucky if it will be Gay Asbury Park NJ this year!
Have a great time.
Hey Pick who knew? You and Nick may have a reed connection.

Pick said...

Hey thanks for thinking of me Nick.

I've actually been thinking of getting into the reed selling business to augment my (lack of) income at the moment. Planning to start a web site nearer to school opening in September but I don't mind getting a head start.

I have been just making them for myself but since there's not much playing coming up I have some time to maybe send out a few he could try. Everybody's mouth, concept of sound, how hard they blow, etc. is a little different so you never know what will work and what won't ... ok, don't let your mind wander too far over that last statement. ;o{)
It's not unusual for reeds not to work if you have to buy them ... the humidity and weather in general, as well as difference in elevation between where they were made and where they're going to be played all comes into it. They're finicky little buggers at best.

The "drag queen" maker is probably Loree ... the make of instruments I play as well. I'm always envious of someone with a new horn ;o{) ... they're not cheap.

I don't do repairs but his best bet is probably Carlos at -http://www.carlosoboe.com - (that way he's not having to ship his "axes" across the border too.) I've never used this guy myself since I have a truly miraculous repairman here in Canada, but I know Carlos has just about the best reputation out there. Most of the top players in the States use him. My other suggestion would be Thomas Hinniker in Rochester, MN but I don't have his current contact info ... shouldn't be that tough to find though. Tom builds oboes these days so I'm not actually sure how much repair work he's doing these days. Great guy though! I had him spend 9 hours on my horns once and they played like butter when he was done ... so smooth and silky. ... Oh damn, now my mind is wandering. LOL

I'll send you an email for me that he can use if he's interested in trying a few reeds. Have your bud hit me up to tell me a bit about his level and what he likes in a reed and I'll see what I can do for him.
A gigantic water park party sounds great but if you were there I'd think I was in heaven. Ya know, I've never done the Disney World thing, closest I've been was staying in Marathon once with the ballet orchestra, and I needed my day off on the beach more than to go meet Mickey and the boys.

Yikes, about the "Old Fisting Injury" if you use that story I bet you get asked if the guy's mancunt had teeth alot.

Oh yeah, and I kinda like it when a guy who Tops is needy ... usually means I'm in for more trouble. ;o{)

Pick said...
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Pick said...

Just noticed you wiped your "View my complete profile" thingy with your email listed.
Bet you were getting plagued like crazy.

Hit me up at pick_39@yahoo.com and I'll send you my other addy for your bud to contact me with.

Thanks again Nick!

Sue said...

I have a scar on my knee that I got when I was a toddler and fell on a big rock in Central Park in NYC. But I tell people it was from shrapnel in Nam, even though I am a few years too young for that to be true. People are very gullible.

Gay Disney sounds like so much more fun than straight Disney!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad your hand is healing and you are feeling better. The mango drinks sound like they are really good, share the recipe sometime. I liked the beard but you are HOT either way. :-) Leave your worries at home and have fun at Disney....who knows...you may meet the man of your dreams. Have a GREAT time. Think of all your blogger friends that have to work the weekend.

Again....have a GREAT time and have a "big ass" margaritta for me.

Your favorite florist,
Lee :-)

Cristián said...

See you on the dance floor(s) this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

I win the scar competition hands down.... I'm writing a post about it with pics at the moment.... Stop by sometime soon to see the carnage that is my body undressed:)

Kristie~ said...

The hand is looking great! That story is pretty plausable. LOL Have fun at Disney this weekend.