Thursday, June 25, 2009

New photos for your viewing pleasure

I just added a bunch of new photos to the "Porn Stars & Friends" section on my website. Click on over and check them out! I'm going to be adding a lot more FREE content during the next few weeks. Since I'm sidelined from filming porn after my surgery what the fuck else do I have to do?

Still in a lot of pain. Guess I can't complain since it's only been a week. Not taking any pain killers because they give me nightmares. Ugh. Can't wait to heal up from this freakin' surgery and get back to the gym and back to making nasty, dirty porn!


Stan said...

Thanks for the previews Nick. You'll be back doing porn again before you know it.

Patric said...

Ya got one good arm! Shoot us an at home solo to enjoy until you're back on a set!