Thursday, June 11, 2009

Countdown to Palm Springs

I'm so busy here at my "real job" that it's insane! They've laid off about 2/3rds of my company and most of the departments are doing really, really poorly. Except mine. Thank God!!! The only negative thing about this situation is that besides doing all of my regular workload, I've had to absorb responsibilities from multiple other positions that have been eliminated. So this means working my ass off and doing lots of overtime (which, of course, I don't get paid for).

You'd think my upcoming trip to Palm Springs would be a nice break from the pressures of work but it won't be. Tomorrow I work all day, go straight from work to the airport, take 2 connecting planes and arrive in Palm Springs just in time for bed. Saturday will be a whole day of filming (and it's supposed to be hot as fuck there). Early to bed and then up again for a full day of shooting on Sunday. (I'm doing two scenes.) After shooting wraps up I head straight to the airport where I take the red-eye (3 connecting flights) back to Fort Lauderdale. I'll land at 10:00am and go directly to work (1 1/2 hours late).

I know it sounds like I'm whining but I'm only trying to point out that making porn can be a lot more work than just showing up on a set, having hot sex, and cashing a check. It also means juggling all of the other details and responsibilities in your life to accommodate the added work. That said, I know I am going to have a freaking blast this weekend.

Gino, the owner of the company that I am working for in Palm Springs sounds like he is going to be great to work and hang out with. I also get to hang out and do another scene with Derrek Diamond. He is HOT as hell and fun and sweet and we have mad chemistry together. (Just check out our scene for the Bound Gods site if you want to know what I mean.) I'm also working with another guy that I've only seen pictures of. If the pictures are accurate he is HOT as hell also.

As far as resting, I'll have plenty of time for that towards the end of next week. I go for my shoulder surgery next Thursday morning and then have Friday and the weekend off to recover. Of course, the surgeon recommends 3 months off with 3 weeks being the bare minimum after the surgery, but I don't have the luxury of doing that. So I'll be back at my desk here at work on Monday morning, regardless of the condition I am in. Should be interesting.

Here are a couple of very short videos from my Gay Disney last weekend that were taken with my new camera. The first is at the Reunion Pool Party. I think you can tell that something caught my attention while I was filming that one! The second is from the Wonderland party at the Hard Rock. I was head over heals crazy for one of the dancers in the video. DAMN was he beautiful and could he move! YUM!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a busy/crazy/fun weekend in store. Have a GREAT time and tell us ALL the details. I've seen Derreck Diamond on Randy Blue and he is HOT but not as hot as YOU.

Have a GREAT day.
Lee :-)

Stan said...

Sure sounds like a busy schedule indeed. I guess the reason for all the connecting flights is because a lot of airlines have eliminated a lot of direct flights.
A real pain. Hope all goes well for you and can't wait to see the final results.

Sue said...

I don't hear any whining. I hear a damn busy schedule. I hope the shoots come out really HOT!

Then, what the hell are you thinking having major surgery on your shoulder and returing to work the following Monday???? Did you have a mother at all? Did she teach you nothing? Um, I hate to wish bad things for you Nick, but think twice about this. Your body really needs to heal and only significant rest allows this to happen.

wdavi said...

Busy,busy,busy! Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Wow, busy busy, porn, operation, day job, more porn..... you're a trooper! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, busy busy, porn, operation, day job, more porn..... you're a trooper! :)

Pick said...

First of all - I'm with Sue on this. What the Hell are you thinking? I sure hope you have someone primed to look after you when you're not at work if you insist on being Mr. Tuff Guy and going right back at it after the operation.

Secondly - I just got six more grey hairs reading about your insane upcoming days! You're making me look quite distinguished and professorial thank you very much! LOL

Hope you have "a gay old time!" in Palm Springs! Always kinda thought Fred and Barney had the hots for each other. ;o{)

Safe trip!

Pick said...

Oh ... and one more thing from the worrywort here. Make sure when you go in for the shoulder surgery that they are aware just how recently you've been under anesthetic.