Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A pothole in the road to recovery

Today was my first day back at work. I'm supposed to take at least another 2 1/2 weeks off but, unfortunately, I can't. Gotta say it was a rough day. I was weak and dizzy for most of it. I actually left work about an hour early so I could avoid rush hour traffic and take my time driving home through the terrible storm we had today.

But today wasn't all bad. I got to work to find that my coworker and good friend Paul had left something for me on my desk. It was a blowup monkey holding that God-aweful picture of me right after the surgery, standing in a bowl filled with all kinds of cool candy. What a great surprise!

I also swung by the florist shop on my way to the see the doctor about my post-op results and rehab. It seems that my favorite butch florist, Lee (Good Guy Bear) was sweet enough to send me some amazing flowers... again! God are they beautiful. They really brightened my day and put a smile on my face. And I could use that right about now. Not only am I hurting physically, but I'm also hurting on the inside as well. I wasn't going to mention it on here but since I pretty much try to share everything in my life with those of you who read this blog I guess I will.

You see, during the last few months I got pretty close to someone. Against my better judgment, I let them into my life and my heart. Over the course of the last week that person has totally disrespected me and betrayed me. It hurts. I'm not going to go into details, I don't want any sympathy, I'm not going to make it into anything more dramatic than it is, and I don't want anyone (including myself) to harbor any bad feelings against this person . Who knows why he did what he did? I'm sure he had his reasons. I just want to put it in the past and move on with my life. It's just another pothole in the road. But I drive a pickup truck and a pothole isn't really going to slow me down. AND... I've been lucky enough to have my ex by my side during this rough time. He's taken care of me since the surgery and it has really meant a lot to me. He's listened to me whine and complain, moan in pain, bitch about all the rough stuff going on in my life, and he's made sure that I take care of myself. Even after all the rough times we've had he's been there for me. I have to thank him for that and I have to thank God for him.

As for my doctor's appointment...
He took the stitches out (after less than a week!), went over what he actually did during the surgery, and discussed what comes next. Because he only put in one new anchor and did some minor repairs to my shoulder, the recovery time will be a lot less than the last time. I have to wear the sling/brace for the next two weeks and then go see him again. At that point he's going to send me for physical therapy. I did so well with the therapy last time that he's only going to send me for two or three sessions and then have me do the rest of it at home. Considering how much this is costing me that is GREAT news. So hopefully I will be done with the therapy and back in the gym by mid-August. In the mean time, I can still work out my lower body so you can expect to see my legs and ass looking huge in the near future!


Stan said...

That was so sweet of Paul and your co-workers. Good Guy Bear you are a real talent! The flowers look great! Bird of Paradise is my favorite.
I'm so glad your ex has been there for you Nick. Sometimes you have to go through a rough patch with someone before the road smooths out ahead.
As far as that asshole is concerned I don't need to tell you no one needs to put up with that. I hope your recovery continues and I'm sending healing thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

I guess your coworkers, or at least one of them, know you do porn? Best wishes for your recovery!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the flowers and they made you smile. That is one of my favorite things about being a florist is the look on someones face when they recieve flowers. It makes me feel good sending them as much as it is for you recieving them. :-)

It's good to have a someone at work you can call a friend. Glad Paul also brightened your day. (Don't you have a nick-name "Monkey Butt") How fitting!

You are also blessed to have a friend to help take care of you during all this "stuff" going on. That was my concern, since the last surgery you were basically alone. He must have been the lucky one taking your post surgery photos.

Hang in there!!

Wishing you a smooth recovery and don't over do it at work.

Your favorite florist,
Lee :-)

Pick said...

Paul and Lee do good work!
Wish I could add a Nexus Excel "stimulator"
a few Kinder Happy Hippos (or is the Hippi?)
some Lean Pockets and a few containers of
Publix fruit AND honey on the bottom yogurt to the basket for ya. ;o{)

Very sorry to hear someone has been a jerk to you ... hope it isn't someone a bunch of us have become familiar with through a few places including your blog. I think some of us were hoping for something nice to happen for you there.

Ex's can certainly be a pain but it's fantastic when you're far enough away from the break-up that they can be "there" for you. That must have been a comfort in itself. Good for both of you!

Really great to hear you're doing so well. Atta boy! (Erm, you know what I mean.) ;o{)

Major_Hutch said...

Hey I rather like the picture you call aweful. It's very terminator and right now I'm jealous of your arm cooler. Because it's hotter then any kinda hell up here in Canada. Hell it's supposed to be coler here.
Dude you got gobstopers in that bowl of CANDY. Your Friend Paul totally loves you. Haha I had pins and screws put in my ankle a couple years ago. The only things I got were a Cold and a sour prank. Some sent me a Dildo in the mail. I'm pretty sure I turned it into a rocket cock and it blew silicone chunks everywhere. I hope you feel better soon.
LOL and don't I don't do Sympathy. I'm a bad mix of Dr.House and Special agent Jethro Gibbs and a bit of Tony DiNozzo. SO your safe.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry someone was not kind to you and I am glad your ex was there for you.