Friday, June 12, 2009

Ready to be Manhandled

I'm scrambling to finish up whatever work I have left at my "real job" so I can hop on the plane for Palm Springs (via Phoeinix) and my shoots for

The scenes we are doing should work for me. Domination without the ropes, rough sex, forced blow jobs, spitting, gagging, verbal. Yup... right up my alley! I only hope that filming in the HOT Palm Springs sun doesn't kill an old man like me. LOL!

Don't remember if I've mentioned who I would be my scene mates yet. Well, here they are. Derreck Diamond and Cole Parker. Both sexy as hell! I worked with Derrek for Bound Gods and have hung out with him on several occasions. I'm looking forward to hanging with him again. Never met Cole before. He's a straight dude who works well with guys. I listened to an online interview with him where he says that the guys he prefers are smooth. Ummm... I don't think that is a work you can use to describe me. Should be interesting.

Although I can't be considered smooth, parts of me can be. Like my hand! I've been working hard at reducing the scar tissue and it is working. Here is a picture of what my hand looks like now. I have healed AMAZINGLY WELL!!! Instead of this huge, hiddeous scar, I know have what looks like a really long lifeline. I'm still doing my physical therapy to get the full range of movement and the strength back. I have to admit it hurts like hell when I do use it. I know that will pass too though.

Not sure if I'm going to be able to post this weekend. But don't worry... I'll be back on Monday with pictures and stories to tell! Everyone have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!


Stan said...

Smooth is okay buy I prefer all natural fur like you. Judging by the players in this scene I believe I'd like to take Derrek's place if I'm right. Lucky for him! Have a safe trip Nick and try not to wear yourself out.

Stan said...

..DOH! I forgot to mention the hand looks great! That's a talented surgeon you got there.

James said...

Be safe on your time away. Have fun and looking forward to hearing from you already!
James from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Have fun out there! Your costars look yummy & I'm sure once they see you they will suddenly love non-smooth studs. Glad the hand is healing up so nicely.