Monday, June 22, 2009

Not so bad underneath it all

Today I was allowed to take the bandages off of my shoulder and find out exactly what lay underneath. I was pleasantly surprised last time I had the surgery and was hoping for the same results this time.

However, as I started pealing layer after layer of blood soaked bandages away, my heart started racing and I got more concerned.

It's really amazing how many layers there were and how much blood... some of it still moist.

Finally I got down to the last layer and found the three holes where they cut through to do the laproscopic surgery.

I peeled off the square pieces of tape that covered the wounds and cleaned the area up with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

Considering the amount of disgusting, blood soaked material I had just pulled off of my shoulder, it looked awesome!

I have three small incisions with a couple of stitches in each. The area is still fairly swollen, but considering they just did major surgery on it, I can't complain. Thank God for laproscopic surgery!

Tomorrow I meet with the surgeon to discuss the details of exactly what he did, find out what kind of physical therapy and how long a recovery period I will need, and most importantly... find out when I can get back to the gym!


Stan said...

Wow! That's amazing Nick. That laproscopic surgery is incredible. There doesn't seem to be even any swelling. By the look on your face in the last pic you don't look like your feeling any pain either. LOL! Thank god for drugs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your road to recovery. Glad to know everything is going fine. Take is easy at work and try not to over do it.

Hope your day is GREAT!!
Lee :-)

Sue said...

Miraculous! Now promise me you will respect the miracle this time and not fuck up the doctor's hard work again!

James said...

Great photos. I hope you get to the gym real soon. i like the close-up of your left nipple!
Janes from Iowa.

Pick said...

That looks amazing Nick ... unbelievable what can be done with modern medicine. Have to say, I'm with James on that little bit of "tit"ilation in those last few pix.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a smile on your face!

Anonymous said...

wow that's certainly some heave duty medical intervention.... hope you're feeling better soon mr!:)

Seaguy said...

No sexual acrobatics for a while!