Thursday, June 4, 2009

A little head at Gay Disney

So my rapidly approaching Gay Disney weekend has brought back memories of the same weekend last year.

I had gone up on Wednesday night with some guys who own a swimsuit company named The deal was I would work 10 hours at the Gay Days Expo each day with them and then have the nights to myself to hang out and party.

Even though working the 10 hours was exhausting I managed to have an awesome time. I would work, take a quick break at the pool party, work again, eat something, go to the main party, change, and go to the after party till about 6am. Then I'd wake up at 9am and start all over again.

After 3 days of this I was pretty exhausted and feeling kinda goofy. Sunday morning I woke up and thought... "I know, a fresh haircut will give me a fresh feeling!" So I grabbed my clippers and started to give myself a nice buzzcut. After one pass over my head I realized I had forgot to put the guard on. I had shaved a large strip in my head right down to the bone. ARGHHHH!!!!!

There was no saving this one. I just went ahead and shaved it all off. Since I usually have a pretty good tan from living in South Florida I now had a small white head on top of my big white body. Yes, I have a small head. A VERY small head. In fact, I can't wear men's hats or even boy's hats. I have to buy my baseball caps in the small children's section at the GAP. It's embarassing.

So there I was with my bald and freaky looking at the biggest party in the country. What's a guy to do? I blocked any thoughts of my first shoot as Master Nick with that was coming up in less than a week. I walked out of my hotel room with my small white head held high and a big smile on my face.

Most of my friends didn't even recognize me. And I'm talking my good friends. When they did recognize me they told me I looked like I had Lukemia. Nice. I didn't care though. I had a blast and played it up for all it was worth. I especially had fun going out that night and watching how the laser lights reflected off my bald white head.

This year I am not working while I'm there. It's strictly party time! And I plan to keep my hair this time.
Me and my friend Parker Williams at the pool party after I accidently shaved my head.

My friend Willie and I bonding over our shaved heads at the Arabian Nights after party. Good times!


Sue said...

I was prepared for you to look terrible! But you look fine. Still sexy as hell! You have a normal appearing sized head, regardless of the actual size it is. said...

my buzzed head looks bigger than full head of hair......I am still your biggest fan buzzed zero or not

miamiglen said...

I like it, it suits you. That was a fortunate mistake.

Scott said...

Wow, Nick, are you friends with just about everybody? ;-) We made it to Orlando and hope to get the weekend started early tonight. Hope to run into you sometime this weekend.

Anonymous said...

r u horny with a bunch of mem in speedo.i did as soon as seeing the pics.thx for sharing,giving more n further to cum.have a blast.

Stan said...

I agree with Sue an glen. I think you looked fine and still hot! Having a small head makes you able to pull it off so well.
The first thing I do before buzzing my hair with a Wahl is always get the guards lined up first.
Have a great time at Disney and take pics.

Pick said...

Nick, you look amazing with your head shaved. I'm likin' those pix a lot. Sech-zay!!!

Damn you guys who can do that and look so freakin' hot ... just makes me wanna yank my hair out. LOL

Unfortunately, I just look like a refugee from some prison camp with my head shaved or the hair ripped out so I'll try to maintain control of myself here.

Have a blast with, um, I mean *at* "Gay Disney". It sounds SO completely hokey but like a heck of a lot of fun. "Someday my Prince will Cum!" ;o{)

Damien said...

You look BETTER with a buzz - MORE !!!

Anonymous said...

Nick, I think you look great in that hair style. It's like look GREAT no matter what.

Okay, maybe better without the clothes.:-)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend at Disney.

Lee :-)

James said...

Parker Williams. Yummy. You 2 should do a film together!! You're still the hotest one!
James from Iowa

James said...

I wear almost the largest size in a hat. That always pisses me off. So from a BIG head to a LITTLE head.......give some head! Just kidding!
James from Iowa

Scott said...


I was over at my buddy Jeff's house yesterday. We were outside in his backyard, and although I've been over there many times, it suddenly dawned on me that we were where the scene was filmed in Bears with Paradise with you and Tim Kelly. He told me that yes, you guys filmed there. Nice to know I got to see where such a HOT scene was filmed-and hope to see you out and about sometime this weekend here in Orlando.

Anonymous said...

Bald Men for me Nick are the sexiest of all.. When are you coming over here
LOL Nick