Monday, June 29, 2009

For the birds

This weekend was for the birds. Literally.

I guess I've been feeling kinda down and lonely while I recover from my surgery and after some recent heartaches. So I decided to add to my family. I started an aviary in my house and bought 3 pairs of finches and another canary. Nothing cheers you up like a pet, and little birds chirping and singing can melt anyone's heart. I hope.

The cage looks like Noah's arc since each type of bird hangs out with it's mate. I have to say the pair of little Orange Cheek Finches are especially endearing. They are so small and delicate looking.

I'm keeping Murphy (my original canary) in his own cage. I tried mixing him with the other birds but he was too aggressive. Guess he got used to being alone and being spoiled. The new yellow canary I got is getting along great with the finches and he and Murphy have already started singing to each other. Lately I've been wishing I had someone to sing with.


Stan said...

Just looking at the pics of these beautiful creatures brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks Nick!

James said...

I understand competely about how a pet helps. I just got a new Fox Terrier puppy. She has SO much energy!!!Enjoy!
James from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick
Your love for birds demonstrates your sour so gentle and sensible
I have had in my childhood several canaries,and I also have made riproduce themselves till having 20s
But ,now,I think is better to leave this gracious small animals in freedom,and not in the sadness of a cage
With love
Luca ,Italy

Sue said...

I would love to have birds! but I cannot due to allergies. Yours are so cute and gorgeous! The sound of the canaries singing must be beautiful indeed!

Anonymous said...

I am TERRIFIED of birds........ Seriously... I have been since a child...... At home in Australia, the magpies are viscious little c***nts - they swoop out of the sky with their evil beaks and stab people in the heads with them.... it happend to me..... twice1 lol I've been terrified of birdies ever since

Anonymous said...

Those little white finches are very cute. I guess they all get along? Those kind of birds I like (though I'm too lazy to want to clean a cage). An old roommate had a big green Amazon parrot, and I hated that bird. Her squawking (TV and music set her off) would peel the paint off walls. And she was mean on top of it. Those sweet little singing birds are better!