Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I've been trying to keep my spirits high while my hand recovers. After being yelled at by everyone and their mother about going to the gym, I didn't go. I will TRY to wait until next Wednesday when the stitches come out. This weekend I'll work out stomach and maybe legs. It really hard for me NOT to work out. It "centers" me... almost like meditation.

In the mean time I am trying to do little things that make me happy. Like eating my favorite yogurt with honey on the bottom, and Cheeseburger Lean pockets, and Happy Hippo candies from Kinder (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES!).

My mouth isn't the only orifice I'm trying to keep happy. I just got a box from Mr. S Leather in San Francisco with something that I ordered months ago. It's the Nexus Excel prostate stimulator. Haven't had the pleasure of trying it out yet.

According to the review:
"Awarded best product design by the Brussels Erotica Awards in 2006. The Nexus Excel stimulates the perineum with short, firm strokes bringing users to a sudden and obvious prostate- fuelled orgasm."
That sounds like a good thing.


Stan said...

I thought of you Nick while I was at the A&P supermarket today. They have lean pockets on sale 3/$7 so I picked up a few. They really are good! Only 200-250 calories too!
I'd love to get that Nexus Gyro Xtreme! "its increased height and girth guarantees a more fulfilling experience" LOL!

Anonymous said...

would love to hear more about the nexus. I have an aneros and never could get it to give me the orgasms the company claims

James said...

I thought maybe you'd tell us about all the rain you received lately. No luck. Those hippo thingys look intereting. :-)
HUG James from Iowa

Samaranx said...

Mh... our (german) Hippos are plain... no eyes or tail... :(
I'm envious. Wanna eat this cute stuff, too.

And a good thing you decided against working out.
Maybe a little bit of running as a work out, helps as a kinda meditation session, too.

wdavi said...

How do "Happy Hippo" candies taste? What's in them? They must be a local treat?
They look like decorated Kiwi fruits :>)

Damien said...

WOW - i think i need to get me on of those new fangled buttock contraptions - although - it kinda looks a little scary - like its gonna start talking to me or something.

Anonymous said...

pics of the prostate thing.... in motion! :)

Pick said...

OMG ... "Pube-Licks" yogurt? ;o[) Too funny!