Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Night Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the (insert deity or connective energy of your choice) my soul to keep,
I have a wrestling video in the morn,
Please don't let him break my arm.
We all know how things turned out for the Naked Kombat wrestling video I did with Tyler Saint (broken ribs, broken toe, sprained foot, bruised ego). Let's hope tomorrow's goes better and I'm not doing my next blog post from a hospital.
The photo of me above is by photographer Michael Alago.


Stan said...

It's Sunday morning so I hope I'm not too late: Good luck with the shoot!...and don't break anything please.

Pick said...

All the best Nick ... do your best to keep that poor finger (and all your other good bits too) protected huh?

Looking forward to seeing the inevitably HOT results!

Scott said...

Good luck. Here's to an injury free shoot!

CT said...

well hope you had good luck and didn't break a leg ;)

dasnapper said...

damn, get a lot of injuries! Should be an extreme sport, this life of yours!

Ms.Delva said...

Hope your shoot went well and you didn't get hurt. sending positive energy your way!!