Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beaten up

I woke up at 7am this morning, fed the animals (damn do I have a lot of them), shaved, showered, packed, secured the house for the day, and then headed to my On Top Productions shoot.

It went awesome! That doesn't mean that I'm not laying on the couch right now at 11pm in total pain. It just means that the sex went awesome, the cum shots were great, and the wrestling was pretty extreme. Of course I got my ass kicked, but what do you expect? They teamed me up with a much bigger guy who knew how to wrestle. Like I did in the Naked Kombat video I did a while back... I gave him hell back. Just that my hell didn't burn as hot as his.

It's cool though. I had an awesome day and a great shoot. They even asked me back tomorrow to do a hot leather scene. I hope my aches and pains are a little less tomorrow or I am going to be one mean fucker. Hmmm... on the other hand, that's a good thing for a leather scene.

After the shoot today I headed to Rosie's for food. I hadn't eaten all day and I was STARVING!!! It is packed on Sunday afternoons, but I was able to get a table to myself and I had about 20 diet cokes and ate hot wings, a bbq chicken wrap, and some onion rings, while I read one of the new books I just bought. (Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. The sequel to Ender's Game.) As I sat there my good friend Matt Rush walked in with one of his friends and before I knew it we had a whole table full of friends eating, drinking and joking around. Just what I needed after the long, hard day.

Unfortunately, I turned on my iPhone and decided to get back to reality and check my email. Damn! There was a long, nasty message that I had to deal with. Matt took the photo above and put it on Twitter saying that I was being popular and twittering. I wish that was true. Instead it's actually a photo of me reading, in disbelief, the hurtful things that were written to me. I think you can tell by the look on my face.

Needless to say the day was over for me as soon as I had read the email. I excused myself and left the crowded restaurant filled with happy people on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. After sitting in my truck for about 45 minutes I was calm enough to drive home.

Once home, I took care of the animals, did some house cleaning, poured a glass of Coconut Rum and Chocolate Soy Milk, and watched the final two episodes of the Top Chef Masters competition. Although I am much calmer now than before, I have to say that I feel beaten up. Physically and emotionally.

Tomorrow is another day and another shoot. I hope I can put my mind and body to rest and get a good night's sleep. I'll let you know how the shoot goes in my next post.


klk said...

I hope you are able to channel the emotion that idiotic email brought up into your scene and let it go that way. It sounds like the ex can't seem to be mature and grownup and let you go. So sorry about that.

Sue said...

I just hate that that email ruined your day! Shake it off! Find your center again. The person who sent it means nothing in your world, or shouldn't! Don't let him into your world ever again! He doesn't deserve you!

Stan said...

Don't read those e-mails, messages, texts or tweets at all from that person. Just delete them from now on. Good luck with the shoot today. You look marvelous!

alleen said...

Put that kind of e-mail by your spam and never read it again. Just think he is crazy. Keep on going

Anonymous said...

What is this guy's hold on you? Lock him out! Do you really need this shiz in your life?

Anonymous said...

Big Hugs Nick, I'm really sorry that this happened to you. Hope you're in a better space now.

evanrius said...

agree with anonymous. don't let that someone get to you. you're way better than that. you have a wonderful life ahead so look forward. :)

Frank said...

Don't let that e-mail get to you.Move forward my friend and don't look back.That person does not even deserve to have a great guy like you in his life.Stay strong!