Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chicago Day 1 : Bound Gods Shoot

I flew to Chicago on Wednesday and had a few margaritas at the hotel bar while I waited for Director Van Darkholme and his crew to arrive so we could all check in. While I was waiting, Derek Pain sent me a text message telling me he was also waiting to check into the hotel. So we both hung out and waited together. Van chose me as his roommate for the trip. We really do get along very well and are pretty comfortable around each other. We all went for a quick dinner at Houlihan's and then called it an early night since we had a shoot at Steamworks, the local bathhouse, in the morning.

We headed to Steamworks bright and early in the morning and got into our gear for the shoot. Rubber wader boots, rubber jock straps and gas masks. HOT! I'm not going to give too many details about the shoot but I have to say it was pretty extreme and we did something in the hot tub that has never been done on Bound Gods before.

Here are some photos from our day of shooting at Steamworks.

It was my first time meeting Tommy Defendi and I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised. He had a full beard and was sexy as fuck! Nice as hell too.

You guys know that I have a huge crush on Drake Jaden and it was great to be filming with him again.

I finally got to see Derek Pain out of his clothes and DAMN is he huge! I felt like a little Italian Smurf next to him.

You can tell by this photo that Van got into the Bathhouse mood while he directed us. Here he is in his little towel talking to the SEXY manager of Steamworks. Thank God all of the performers were seasoned pros or it would have been weird to have the patrons watching us as we filmed. I talked to some of them when we took our breaks. Pretty cool.

We ended up tying Derek Pain to the gym equipment and working him over. Drake was given the special assignment of working over his dick. Lucky fucker!

The shoot went awesome and we all piled into a cab and headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest. Unfortunately, Van decided to use our room to film the second Bound Gods shoot with Spencer Reed. I was kicked out of the room until they were done... probably about 9 or 10 pm. No rest for me! So instead I went to the gym and worked out so that I would be pumped for the live demos we would be doing at the IML Leather Market the next day and then met some friends for dinner and drinks. Not a bad first day in Chicago!


Damien said...

These are great pics Nick.

I love seeing the NON porn shoots of porn shoots :)

So....... when you doing a profile for me big fella?


Pick said...

Looks like you had a blast ... hope the fun continues!

Oh yeah, and Derek makes me so damn proud to be a Canuck! WOOF!

Stan said...

Cool post and pics Nick. As always you give great insights to behind the scenes and what it is like. Thank you!

richardpaul said...

Great picture's behind the scene of boundgods . i love it , thanks Nick