Saturday, June 19, 2010

Indulging the devil within

I got to the Guest House this morning, went ran through my lines with Tyler Saint while we blocked out our positions and movements with the director and camerman, changed into my suit, and was handed a bag with torture devices.


The freedom to do whatever I want. To mess with Tyler's head and find out what will effect him most. What will draw out the best reaction. What will touch that inner devil hidden deep within my tranquil exterior and unleash the sick stuff that makes my dick hard for some reason. OK... maybe it's not hidden so deep within.

I think we got there.

Can't wait to see the way this scene presents itself on video. It's sick... and it's HOT!

The problem arrives when you think that there is a whole day of filming tomorrow. This time it's me who is in for it. Tyler's turn to fuck with my head... and my body. And he's got an accomplice. Someone who brings his own young and energetic brand of torture with him. Drake Jaden is going to be on hand to help work me over. I'm excited. I'm terrified. Fun times!

Here are a couple of pictures I took of Tyler right before we started shooting. Notice how he's all happy and smiley in the first photo. Guess he started thinking about what was to come in the second photo. And it did come. So did I, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Lucky Tyler is all I can say ;-)

alleen said...

You are both beautiful men.

Pick said...

I'd love to find myself in Tyler's position with you coming at me with a bag of goodies.

Can't wait to see both that scene and the payback you're taking today. Hope "The Saint" and Mr. Jaden get cha back real nice Nick. ;o) said...

I think your sadistic fun in and on and inside TYLER is going to be Oscar time. Fucking with his body and head is what we all love most about the big brute of a man Tyler

Lucien said...

Good Guys both - Really thanks for this picture of Mr. Saint - I luv seeing the multi-talented MAN Tyler !!

Stan said...

This all sounds like a must see for sure!

Dire Callahan said...

Name Changed to "Dirty Pigs"--Vice Squad didn't really fit. It's our first cop movie and we think that it went really fucking well. Nick should be able to show you new pics very shortly--that show a lot of the rest of movie.

The mostly-raw footage will appear on starting Jun 30.

Dire Callahan, Steel Mill Media