Friday, July 9, 2010

Nick Moretti has a "Happy Ending"'s ClubAmateurUSA just released a new "massage" video featuring sexy Chad Brock servicing yours truly. Let's just say it features a very happy ending for me!

I've posted a video preview below and some photos from the shoot. To check out the whole video by CLICK HERE.

In my next blog post I'll post some photos and stories from my birthday trip to New York City and also some photos from a little birthday celebration that my friend Southeast Leather boy Sean gave me last night!

To check out the entire video CLICK HERE.


CT said...

whooo sexiness
I know this is out of context and a bit outdated right now, but what about the jury duty? Did they take you? That's one thing I keep being curious about maybe because we don't have anything like that in Germany lol.

Nick Moretti said...

They never even asked me a question after I told them what my occupation was. I got sent home. They probably just thought I was lying. LOL

Pick said...

Wow Nick, you're looking AMAZING!

Stan said...

Yum! Chad Brock is soooo lucky!

Tball said...

You and Chad TOGETHER?! Yowza! Two of my favorite fellas together in the same scene. I need a moment. =)

Anonymous said...

So Nick do you have AIDS? Tim showed up in an article that said he is treated for it.

You dated him, also it looked like you worked with him on hot older male without a condom.

Nick Moretti said...


No, I do not have AIDS (but thanks for asking).

I have never done a bareback scene. Every scene I have EVER done is with a condom.

I've dated several people with HIV. (You do know there is such a thing as safe sex... right?)

JacobNO said...

Great video. Just wish you would have ripped Chad's clothes off as well.

Anonymous said...

'I've dated several people with HIV. (You do know there is such a thing as safe sex... right?)'

yes. sex with a condom. I've heard of it.

is there such a thing as 'safe' sex? no.

Nick Moretti said...


I'm not sure what your intention is here but I get the feeling that you are approaching me in a negative and taunting manner. I'm not a sex expert but I have done my research on safe sex, as EVERYONE who is having sex should. I know exactly what I have done sexually in the films I've been in and it is completely documented on film. End of story.

You are right though... I guess when it comes down to it the only safe sex is to actually not have sex. But there are ways to TREMENDOUSLY reduce the risk. Personally, I think that everyone should assume that the person they are having sex with is Positive whether they say they are or not.

Anonymous said...

K. see comment in your new jake cruise preview post. its why i asked.

the article was informative i referenced. it said tim had it for several decades and more recently has to deal with problems getting meds.

you meant safe in the context of condoms. i thought the term 'safe' sex sounds funny from you. you may use safe words in sex. but sex with is never safe. lol! OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!