Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bound Gods - The Reynolds

After taking a couple of days off from the gym and any hard work (including unpacking my luggage which is still sitting on the floor of my dining room) I am finally feeling a little better. I can't say I've been sleeping much though. I've been up till 5:00am or 6:00am every night doing web design work. Gotta pay the bills! Tomorrow I will be back at the gym an helping a friend move some furniture with my pickup truck. Back to normal, or as normal as I get, I guess. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your words of concern and support!!!

Bound Gods released the Daddy/Son video that I did a short while ago to very mixed reviews. I'm not surprised. It is a VERY creative video and not an in your face leather/dungeon video. It starts out with a 60's style "Leave it to Beaver" type scene where my wife gets called away to take care of her mother and I am left to take care of my son (played by Colton Steele). And take care of him I do! Spanking, flogging, cropping, bondage, forced sucking and fucking. I don't think they ever showed THAT on "Leave it to Beaver".

I actually had to respond to some of the negative viewers comments in the comment section on the Bound Gods site. (Been doing that a lot lately here with some mixed results of my own... SORRY AGAIN Damien!) I think you might find my comments interesting and informative. I don't think that the Bound Gods viewers realize how much work it is to but out a new complete video EVERY WEEK!!! Most companies only put out a few videos a year. If you want to check out my comments CLICK HERE then click on the VIEW TRAILER link for "The Reynolds" video. The comment section will be under the video and photos if you scroll down.

I watched the video myself and laughed my ass off and got I turned on. It even starts off presented in a faded, washed out color and turns to bright, vibrant color when I start spanking my son. Kind of like when the scene goes from B&W to color when Dorothy opens the door to the house after she lands in OZ. (God am I gay sometimes!) It's campy 60's humor mixed with some HOT BDSM. Works for me!

Here is a FREE PREVIEW of the new Bound Gods video "The Reynolds" and I added a whole bunch of photos from the shoot below. Hope you guys enjoy!

Click here if you like what you see and want to view the whole video.

Click here if you like what you see and want to view the whole video.


alleen said...

Saw the video on bound gods. I just like it because you are playing in it, and it was nice to see that this time there is a sub who cannot take so much. But for me one of the best on bound gods is the one you are with derrek diamond. That one is realy hot.

Stephen said...

I saw the trailer and it looked good to me. I don't understand why so many people are so negative. From reading your blog, its clear you work very hard and give it everything you've got. I admire your dedication to your job. It seems that many of the negative comments are from people who think they know you based on what they see in your videos.
Keep your head held high, and don't let the bastards get you down.

twb6yz said...

Holy Fuck that was hot. Dunno what the complaints on Bound Gods are about but I've got to go buy some more kinks so I can get that one! One question, should we purchase it through a link from your site or does it matter? Thought maybe you get some referral $$ if we purchased through your link.

Stan said...

Colton Steele was an excellent choice to play your son. His "looks", hair color and fur match yours totally. The scene is really hot it seems to me. There will always be those who criticize. Fuggetaboutit!

Sue said...

I agree with Stan. I thought the preview was hot and that Colton was a great choice to play your son. Don't take any of the comments to heart Nick. These people are so picky, I cannot believe it! Their comments are ridiculous! One wants to shave Colton! So not happening! One hates the cheesy furniture! Ha! One wants you to be a trucker! You just can't please everybody! If you accept that you will be much happier. As you said in your reply comments, you give 100% and that is all you can do. I agree, that IS ALL YOU CAN DO.

Nick Moretti said...

Hey guys...

I doesn't upset me at all that there are negative comments about this Bound Gods video. I can't say it was my favorite Bound Gods video by any means (it's not as extreme as some of the others) but I did enjoy it. The humor and sick scenario was enough to keep me interested. Or as interested as I can be while watching myself on film. Yuck... I don't think I will ever get used to that. LOL

And just so you know... we actually filmed many of the talking scenes 2 times. Once with me being the boy's father, and once with me being the boy's neighbor, because Van wasn't sure that they were going to let him put it out as a father/son scene. I guess the company that does the web hosting/billing and whatever has pretty strict guidelines when it comes to that stuff.


Yes, I do get a small kickback if you click through to Bound Gods from one of my links and buy something. It's not much but it offsets the money that I spend every month to keep my website open (which I need to update this weekend). Thanks for asking about that! I used to feel guilty about that so I made a promise to myself that I would only promote work that I had done on my site and not try to make money off of other peoples work. That's why all of the linking banners and cubes you see here on my blog feature me whenever possible and are always for films I've done & companies I worked for. My friends think I'm stupid for not trying to make money off of all the popular porn resources out there (like the Twink porn which brings in tons of money!) but I just don't feel right making money off of other people's work. Stupid... I know.

Anonymous said...

Damn...I wish I knew you got a kickback, When I re up my subscription maybe I'll just go through your site. :)

Michelle M.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention...Hot as always. I think many people don't get that it is just not real. If they don't like it, and there is a description, they should just move on and shut the F*** up. If you can't say nothing nice than don't say anything at all.

Anonymous said...

Nick. Awesome performance as usual. The video is really humorous. It's just a pity some of those people can't enjoy the fine details that you guys worked so hard to achieve. Well that would be their loss if they can only get off a certain way.

Anonymous said...

So I have to tell you that this latest one (video)just made me are some of the quotes (I posted on Kink, too)

Newest update, "The Reynolds" has Nick saying some seriously funny things, practically every time he spoke...

" Wait a cotton pickin moment",

"This is gonna hurt me more than it will you",

"I will not have bondage in this house"

"Your mom would be proud of you right now"

"I'm not proud of this" refering to his sleeve tattoo

"Whose your Daddy?"

"What did you learn today, Son?" Colton, "Dad, that bondage is Evil!"

Sue said...

Yeah, I thought there would be objections about incest, but I didn't see any. the daddy/son thing has been historically an angle for porn in print, so it is kind of okay from that perspective. After all, this is fiction, made for adult entertainment purposes only. Colton is well above the required legal age 18, or is it 21?

Cap'n Porksword said...

our company puts out a lot of videos as well, and it's always disheartening to see the negative comments - you want to rage at these people and say, "hey, if you don't like it, you spend the money to do all this and put it out there for people to criticize!"

however, ultimately those comments are such a small minority. while they seem to cut deeper than the positive comments, i think BG (and you in particular) are amazing, so "never give up - never surrender!"