Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let them eat ass... I mean cake!

DOUBLE POST TODAY... so scroll down to see the second half.

I just watched the second part of Dirty Pigs at BoundMuscle.com and I have to say it is absolutely, hands down, my FAVORITE performance to date. Don't know if it's because the director (Dire Callahan) is so great to work with and gives us the creative freedom to take a scene where we want to, or because Tyler Saint and I play VERY well together, or because I was in just the right mood to totally take control of what I was doing... whatever, IT WORKS!!!

In the second installment I continue to humiliate and torture hot cop Tyler Saint. Bondage, punching, nipple torture, forced cock sucking, armpit licking and ass eating, and a stun gun... FUN! You can check it all out at boundmuscle.com.

While I'm on the topic of fun, sweet Southeast Leather boy Sean took me out for a GREAT dinner at Seasons 52 to celebrate my birthday and then had a big birthday cake (carrot!) at his place. Some friends from the leather community were there and it was an GREAT night! I even got a brand new pair of Chippewa boots and a freaking awesome Victor Tella whip. A big THANK YOU to Sean and all of my leather friends!


Jambrea said...

That is SO totally awesome. I am SO glad you got your cake!!! :)

That scene does look VERY hot!!

joyroett said...

Thrilled your birthday turned out to be awesome this year! AND you got your cake. YAY!

Anonymous said...


and you looked happy so that was wonderful to see :)

You and Tyler...a dream team for sure.


Anonymous said...

Great scene shots. Envy and awe, who wouldn't want Tyler in the same position. You look great and very much in your element. Glad to see pics of others celebrating you.

CT said...

YEAH you finally got your birthday cake.
Can't wait for the rest of Dirty Pigs...it looks so damn awesome!

Anonymous said...

You got your birthday cake and a party! I am stoked for you Nick.

And I am really, really envious of Tyler ;-)

blacknoon said...


What a great way to celebrate your 47th birthday. You look fantastic. I whish my vacation comming up in a couple could be nice but noooo, I'll be spending it in the garage swaping out the cylinder head in my car. Yuck!