Monday, August 2, 2010

Return of The Fat One

I walk into the kitchen to get a drink and who do I find scurrying towards me? The Fat One. Yup!

I scooped her up and put her in the cage with Bubba and she ran right to the water bottle and drank... and drank... and drank... and drank. I swear she drank of over 1/2 and hour. She looked all dirty and beat up and was acting like a savage.

It's been two days since then and she's pretty much back to normal. Sleep all day and eat and run on the wheel all night. I'm glad she came home.


Jim said...

That's GREAT! :-) Betcha' she won't stray again knowing what a big world it is out there, LOL.

alleen said...

I think she missed you,or Bubba. Glad she is back. How are you now doing not sick anymore.

Anonymous said...

YayYYYYY I am so happy for you...hope you are feeling much better, too.

Michelle M.

Jambrea said...

woohoo!!!! I'm so glad she is back. I know you were very worried!

I hope you're feeling better as well. You sound good!

Sue said...

I guess she never found a water source. Good thing she found her way back! Yay!

Stan said...

Bless her little heart. Thank goodness she didn't die of dehydration. So glad she's back with her Bubba.

Anonymous said...

Could we have a video of your other "fat one?"

G-Baby said...

Who's your daddy!

CT said...

I'm glad she's back. It's great that you obviously feel better now.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about her this morning. Glad to see she's back where she belongs (and without injury)!

GH Design said...

That is so cute. I am so pleased you found her!

Nick, love your blog - you are awesome dude


Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

I happened upon your blog via trying to find some functioning gay porn sites for my new iPad (damn that Steve Jobs). I saw a video of you posted on Rocket-tube called Kink University. I had never seen you before and Googled you and found your blog.

Over the last month I have read most of your old blogs and have kept up with your daily updates and while I am not a gay porn expert, I find your blog more interesting than others I have seen, most notably Erick Rhodes (yikes).

One common theme that I have observed is that your porn persona and the real you (the name on your mortgage or drivers license) seem to be colliding. You seem only “up” when going on trips or video shoots while being Nick Moretti but “crash” when the real you has to function.

The bottom line is that I think you are coming to the realization that the Nick Moretti “brand” can’t sustain itself indefinitely, which unfortunately my friend is just a fact of life. Trying to hold on is not going to get you in a better place.

You also mention that you would love to move to San Francisco and I encourage you to REALLY rethink this. I live here and believe me it is not the Promised Land. At 40, I am still renting, albeit in a pretty nice location (on Uranus Terrace) but I am paying way too much for my apartment in general. To get into a home similar to the one you live in now (without pool) would easily be 1M or more.

One of the reasons I follow your blog is that you seem to be more mature and likable than the average porn star and the reason that I am spending time posting this.

Now for the stroking: Yes, you are the following:

“You’re a hot man”

“You have a big dick”

“Thousands of gay men want you”

But at the end of the day, you’re just like the rest of us….just wanting to be appreciated and loved for who we really are…warts and all.

I wish you the best as you transition to another chapter in your life.

A Fan on Uranus Terrace, San Francisco

wdavi said...

Wow. I wonder what tales she has to tell? Still it's great news!

Anonymous said...

Sweat Heart I have seen you a couple of times coming through the Midnight Sun in the past couple of years by yourself. If you want to know about the local landscape for rent/buy, etc... I think you'll find it there. If you hang around a bit longer. Don't blast through on your way somewhere else, stay a while. You will find a lot of professional guys that can assist if you want to relocate here.