Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting to Ptown

My trip to Ptown was a freakin nightmare thanks to the amazingly fucked up SPIRIT Airlines and a water taxi driver who doesn't listen.

I got to the airport around 5:30am for a 7am flight and after waiting forever to check my bag (which I prepaid online to make things go faster) I, and about 75 other people, were told that the flight was now closed and that we had missed our flights. FUCK!!! We waited in line for a representative from Spirit to come talk to us and 20 minutes later no one had come yet. I pushed my way to the front and used whatever charm I have and batted my puppy dog eyes and got a nice lady to help me. She took my bag, told me it probably wouldn't make it since I was late (5:30 AM IS NOT LATE!) and sent me off to security. Which was a long line and a mess! I used my charms to get a security guy to escort me to to the front of the line and through security and to my gate. JUST MADE IT! And the freakin SPIRIT Airlines has the balls to charge $3.00 for a small cup of diet coke on their filthy, (seriously) filthy plane. I will never fly them again! EVER!!!!

I land in Boston and make my way to the harbor by shuttle bus and board a water taxi, showing the guy exactly where I needed to go. 20 minutes later, after an awesome boat ride (see video), I arrive at the wharf and look for the High Speed Ferry company that will take me to P-town. And it's the WRONG WHARF!!! Ugh. Luckily, I find friends who had the same thing happen only with a land taxi and not a water taxi. We stop their cab before it drives off and race to the correct wharf.

The rest was smooth sailing from there and I arrived in Ptown in time for the Tea Dance at The Boatslip (see video) and a nice dinner (alone) with an awesome very dirty martini. Last night I was kinda beat but I went out to The Paramount club (which is conveniently in the hotel I am staying at) and hung out for a while and then had some pizza at Spiritus before calling it a night.

I'm rushing to meet friends at their house now so we can all go out on their boat for the day. CAN'T WAIT! I hope you guys have as good a day as I am planning on having!


Jambrea said...

Sorry it started off rough, but it looks like you're having fun now. Enjoy your vacation. :)

Stan said...

I think the key word here is "Spirit" Airlines.....You need to consume many alcoholic "Spirits" before you fly them.

Sue said...

Sometimes I feel that when you enter an airport there should be a ticket issued with a date/time stamp on it so that you can prove when you hit the door because you could die waiting in line at some of these airline queues that go on for miles. When you make it to the front, they give you a snide look, as if you peed on their shoes because you didn't get there sooner. But all the time, you've been in the fucking airport on their damn line! I think you know what I mean. See, so then when they labeled you as "Late Arrival", you could prove them WRONG!" by showing the your date/time ticket.

Taking deep breaths now.

Enjoy your vacation!

G-Baby said...

Oh sweet thing you are such a magnet for catastrophe lately lol - but you've made it now so shake it off, put your best party frock on and go shake up P Town - can't wait for the next installment - take care

Ms.Delva said...
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Ms.Delva said...

Sounds like your planning on having a great time on your vacation. Keep your spirits up and have fun, you deserve it!! Can't wait for the next post.


Anonymous said...

Well hi again - nice to catch up with what you've been up to Nick - shitty start to your holiday though - here's hoping it all gets better from now on.