Friday, August 20, 2010

NEW VIDEO: Bound Gods visit Steamworks

There is a new video over at Bound Gods with some new and creative ideas in it. The performers are Nick Moretti, Van Darkholme, Derek Pain, Drake Jaden and Tommy Defendi and the action is crazy! It's this whole fantasy abduction that takes place at a gym/sauna and includes some breath control/water play, heavy duty nipple torture & CBT, lots of flogging and lots of fucking.

Have to laugh at one of the comments left on the Bound Gods site for the video:
"Nick, god bless him, saved the day as usual, smouldering sexuality and oozing male fermones all over the place - somebody feed him, he's looking too thin - new hair not good for Nick!"
LOL!!! It's funny because it's true! I am trying so hard to gain weight. It's not easy. And I don't want to resort to chemical help like so many models do. I do kinda like the haircut though.

Well, here are some images from the video and a FREE PREVIEW (if it works). Hope you guys enjoy!




alleen said...

Hi Nick saw the video. And I loved it (because of the beautiful men).
I think on your body you may be a little bit too thin. But it looks good on your face. And I do like your haircut.

Ms.Delva said...

Great video nick!! I remember you describing it a while back but I had no idea what it would turn out like and the end product is amazing. You do look a little thinner but it works for you and you shouldn't stress out about putting on more weight. People are always saying you need to loose weight and then they say you need to gain weight and then back and forth, so don't stress out about it. Either way, you look great to me!! Hope your still having fun on your vacation and you got that great breakfast in bed again!! lol!!


Jambrea said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. I think you look great, hair and body. :)

kevin said...

I have been waiting for this one since you showed preview pics a few months back. I let my Boundgods membership expire but am going back now to renew to watch it!

Nick Moretti said...

Hey Kevin...
If you are going to renew your membership anyway can you click through one of the Bound God links on my blog so that I get a kickback from them please? THANKS!

kevin said...

Yes, I will. I remembered reading that here in the past and forgot but will so thanks for the reminder. Only thing now is...I have to go join Jake Cruise to because I enjoy him and own several dvds but it will put me over the top seeing you both in a scene together. Well worth it for the pocketbook!