Monday, August 9, 2010

Heading back to Cali

I've been laying low... taking some time for myself... resting my body... getting my house in order. Finally feeling human again and thank God it's just in time for my next marathon of work and travel.

It's 4:00am and I am just about to head to bed. I have to get up at 7:30am to head to the airport for my flight to San Francisco. I'm doing shoot for's newest gay BDSM website (which should be live in October). I'm also hoping to do some more work while I'm out there.

I fly back on the red-eye Thursday night and arrive Friday morning so that I can start getting ready for my MUCH NEEDED ten day vacation to P-town for Carnival week!

I know I've been slacking with my bnlog posts but I promise I will be posting every day while I'm in San Francisco. I'm going to leave you with some photos from the Mr. S Leather photo shoot I did with my friend South East Leather boy Sean a couple of weeks ago. (Ya... he has the black eye I gave him during the ILSB fantasy competition two days before the shoot. PERFECT!) The shoot was fun and HOT as the photos show. Click on them if you want to check out any of the awesome Mr. S Leather products featured (or just jack off to some more of sexy Sean's HOT photos).


Jambrea said...

Have a save trip. And have fun on your vacation.

Hot pictures. Thanks for sharing!!

Stan said...

Have a safe trip out west and back again and good luck with the shoots. Nice pics!

wdavi said...

Have a great shoot!

G-Baby said...

Have a good trip and shoot

p.s Your sleeve looks totally hot in those photos!

Damien said...

The black eye makes it.