Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coming home to death and destruction

Getting home yesterday was a freaking nightmare! Seriously.

The night before they announced that there was a 90% chance that the high-speed ferries were not going to be running the next day and that slow buses would take their place. My ferry was scheduled for 3:00pm, and takes about 1 1/2 hours, and my flight was at 6:40pm. That was perfect. Now there was no way I was going to make my flight if I took the slow bus at 3:00pm.

So I woke up early yesterday and called the ferry company. They told me to get to the wharf IMMEDIATELY and try to get on the 10:30am bus (even though it was already sold out). So I packed quick, checked out, and RAN to the wharf. All the way to the end where the ferry office is. No room on the buses. Ugh. They told me to run to the other end of the wharf (FAR!) and talk to the chamber council (or whoever) and see if they could help. It took forever to even find the office but they got me on a bus that was going to take me right to the airport. The ride took about 4 hours with all of the traffic.

I get to the airport and check in and then all the delays start. And Spirit Airlines (THE suckiest airline in the world) was not updating anyone on the status. Thank God for free airport internet! We finally left about 9:00pm. We puled away from the gate, drove down the runway, turned around, and went back to the gate. ARGHHH!!!!! A sick passenger had to get off the plane. Couldn't they just lock her in the bathroom for the flight? Another 30 minute delay and we were on our way.

I landed, met my friend Southeast Leather boy Sean at the arrival gate, got my bags, stopped for some food and picked up my dog at my ex's house. He took care of Cynder and checked on my birds, hamsters and fish while I was away. He told me that my little white bird, who has had 4 strokes and been very sick, finally died on Friday. I had told him to put him in plastic wrap and put him in the freezer if he died, so I could bury him in the back, with the rest of my dead pets, when I got back. He did.

I opened the door to my house and there was a strange and unpleasant odor. What the fuck? The bird was wrapped in plastic in the freezer and the freezer door was open. FUCK! ALL of my food in the freezer and refrigerator had gone bad. And my refrigerator was not running any more.

I was up till 6:30am cleaning up the mess and looking on the internet for something I could do to fix the refrigerator. (The internet is NOT just for porn.) It was either that the fan had burned out, the motor had burned out, the coils had frozen solid and shut the whole thing down, or all of the above. I followed their advice and pulled the plug on the fridge and left the doors opened while I went to bed. I woke up to find a flood of water in my kitchen, hall and dining room. My books and art supplies, drawing/painting books that I had left on the floor in the dining room when I got back from the trip last night were destroyed. ARGHH!!!!

On a good note... I plugged the refrigerator back in and it seems to be working. And my ex felt bad about the food and is going to replace it. This was NOT the way I wanted to come home. But at least I'm home.


Jambrea said...

Awww Nick. That does suck. I'm glad you're home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't think anyones vacation could have been worse than mine.

I drove 22 hrs to my sisters wedding, took a 2 hour ferry to the outerbanks, had no service, and had a wonderful time with my sister, her partner and friends. I go just to check when the last ferry left. They tell me right now but if I have cash I can still make it. I can't afford another night, my son will be waiting on me and my sister and her new bride were waiting on me, shit.

Long story short, took the ferry, had to bum a phone, rained the firt 8 hrs, got lost in wilmington, finally got home and my exwife tells me I have to wait till friday to pick up our son.

Anyway, wouldn't trade my sister, the time I spent with her, my son or any time I spend with him for a "better" life.

So I feel your pain. Glad you had a good trip and are home safe.

Stan said...

Is there any reason why the freezer door was left open? Is that what caused the whole fridge to malfunction?

Robert A. Geise said...

Dude. You were born under a bad sign. How does this shit just keep happening to you?? (HUGS!!)

Michelle M said...

Geeze that pretty much sucks, as Jambrea said, Nick. I am just happy to see that you may have it sorted out now.

When I think of all the art supplies I have that go unused cause I am lazy...it makes me wish we were neighbors, so I could make you a care package. From pen and inks to every kind of paint and bristol board...I am like a Sam Fax store or as my friend would say under his breath while coughing *hoarder***lol but that doesn't exactly help does it?

Sorry Hon,

Michelle M

Anonymous said...

That is no fun at all Nick - shit I am really sorry to hear that.

Here's hoping things start looking up!

alleen said...

That sucks, you need an other vacation. I hope everything will dry and the fridge will keep on working.

Stephen said...

Geez sorry to hear that Nick. There was an article in the Sunday NY Times travel section about Spirit airlines. The reporter also had a very bad experience with them. The president of the airline asked her if she'd fly Spirit again. She said she wasn't sure. Bottom line: "If something does go wrong, I'm not confident Spirit has the desire, or resources to fix the situation" Hope things start looking up soon.