Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming out of the vandark

You probably remember that my little friend Bubba was stolen from my desk at a while back. I tried to play it off, look at the bright side, imagine it was an accident, hope for the best. But reality isn't all that bright. A lot more than Bubba was stolen from me lately.

As a wise women told me the other day at a very cutting time... "Karma, it comes back to bite you in the end." And there is a world of Karma built up. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that deluge when it finally comes crashing down.

But I'm finally out of the vandark and back in the light. It's been a while. A LONG while. And the view from the high road is beautiful and bright. Like the view from my awesome new apartment. I see down Castro Street with the giant gay flag and the historical and beautiful Castro Theater, all the way past Twin Peaks. Watching the fog roll in over the hills is... amazing!

And Speaking of amazing... here are a couple of photos of my new Roborovski Russian Dwarf Hamster "Bubba II". I got him today and he is so, so, so sweat! And he is safe and loved in my home.

Following a crazy couple of weeks... hell months... I am finally getting away from everything and going on the Atlantis big gay cruise from San Diego to Mexico on Saturday. DAMN do I need that vacation! You know there will be photos and stories afterward so keep checking back!


Sue said...

Bubba II is so darned cute!!!! I am so glad you are keeping him safe at home.

It is some sad character that would hurt a helpless baby hamster, that is for sure. And the bad karma from a heinous act like that would be just, well, let me just say that I am very glad that it is not me that did it!! Must be some pretty immature folks where you work Nick.

Glad you like your new digs! :)

AC said...

quite the photogenic little thing isn't he and that sounds like one impressive pedigree.

glad you found each other. said...

I see your not wearing the key is the pup still with you

Nick Moretti said...

Unfortunately, the pup and I broke up a while ago.

Anonymous said...

Huge fan of your work! Hope you have a great time on the cruise.

Anonymous said...

very cute beast for a great guy like nick!