Friday, April 26, 2013

Raw Hot Bears and red hot issues

This has been such a busy week! First of all, I finished shooting my new movie, BBRT's "Hot Raw Bears". I've super happy with the scenes I've shoot and the models are all pretty freakin HOT as hell! 

I filmed the first scene while I was in Phoenix for The Phoenix Forum a few weeks back. I had been talking to the two models for the scene via text, email and cell phone and things got completely confusing. Turns out I was actually talking to three guys instead of two. So I turned it into a 3-way! To make things even crazier, the hot bear models were all groping at me while I was filming them and I got really horny. So horny that I handed one of them the camera, fucked the hell out of the bottom, and then took the camera back and kept on filming. It was completely not planned and I've never done anything like that while filming before. I'm going totally leave that in the scene!
Rico Vega and Aiden from scene 1 of Hot Raw Bears.
The second scene featured James Roscoe and Kodah Filmore. These guys were so into each other that I couldn't get the camera recording fast enough. Talk about a perfect scene!
Kodah Filmore and James Roscoe from scene 2 of Hot Raw Bears.
I was lucky enough to get Jake Mitchell to be in the third scene of the film. I've been a big fan of Jake's for a while and I was even in a scene with him a while back (even though we never touched). I paired him up with the very sexy Jack Sullivan and the result was some Hot Daddy Porn! Gotta say I'm an even bigger fan of Jake Mitchell after this scene. That man can fuck!
Jake Mitchell and Jack Sullivan from scene 3 of Hot Raw Bears.
The forth scene featured porn newcummer Patrick DeLuca and the 2013 Raven's Eden Awards winner for "Best Bear/Hairy Star". (Ya... that would be me. LOL) Patrick DeLuca is one Hot furry fucker, with a handsome face, some awesome tatt work, and a beautiful, beefy furry ass. To say the scene went well would be an understatement I'm thinking Patrick might just have a nice porn career ahead of him... but you be the judge of that.
Nick Moretti (me) and Patrick DeLuca from scene 4 of Hot Raw Bears.
This week also featured an Amtrack trip to Sacramento to speak out against AB-332 (the "Condom Porn" bill). This bill is not what it seems like on the surface and it needs to be stopped. I'm not going to get all political on you guys but do some research and see for yourself what all will happen if this bill passes. The whole Factory Videos crew went including Damon Dogg and we even got to get up and express our extreme objection to the bill. Unfortunately, it passed this round of hearings. It still has one more round to go and if it passes that it will go into effect in January of 2015. Fingers crossed that people actually do the research and see what is really going on with this bill, and that it is finally rejected.

Damon Dogg and I in Sacramento protesting AB-332.
Me at the steps of the capital building in Sacramento.
On a very bright note... the two awards I won from the 2013 Raven's Eden Awards finally came in the mail. I can't tell you how freakin happy it made me to get them! This is an award based on actual viewers and fans votes and not given out by porn companies to promote their own stars and movies. This means so much to me. Who the heck would ever have thought that at age 49 (yes, my 50th birthday is just three months away) I would still be popular and be winning awards! Don't worry, it's not going to go to my head. I'm totally humbled and appreciative to be given the opportunities and success I've had in this industry.

Me with my tow 2013 Raven's Eden awards!
My 2013 Raven's Eden awards have a proud new home in my cubicle here at work.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big Jake Mitchell fan, I'm glad to see him on your blog.

SiliconeSaline said...

I love Jake Mitchell as well! He's a beast. You fucking the bottom in the first scene sounds incredibly hot too! I'm excited for this movie!

And good luck in fighting against the condom bill.

Stan said...

Congrats on the awards and good for you guys going to Sacramento to protest this rotten bill.