Monday, April 15, 2013

New Dick Wadd Video

Hogan Gets Plowed

Dick Wadd Video (Raw and Rough) just released a new scene that I performed in. This one feature huge muscle hunk Hogan Wade getting used by myself and a hot group of guys. Lots of piss, a huge dildo on a fuck machine, and some hot fucking. Looks pretty good to me!

Here is the scene description followed by a couple of photos from the sceene.
Click here if you want to see more.

Scene Description: Cope is sittin' on the toilet jackin' off when in walks Jason, all bug eyed, lookin' at Cope's thick, hard fuckin' man meat. Cope calls the pig over to the toilet and pushes him down on the cock. Jason spits on the meat and starts servicin' it when Nick swaggers in. He's sportin' what Jason wants: a big fuckin' man pole danglin' from a tatted, hairy, hunk o' daddy. Jason looks up and gets a huge piss load in the face. He starts lappin' at the stream like he never had a drink in his friggin' life. Meanwhile, everyone hears moaning in the corner. Of course it's fuckin' Mason, bound to the wall, dumpin' a piss load down Todd's throat. Then Hogan appears on the bench, with big fuckin' cocks danglin' in his lucky face and Jason pissin' all over his chest while Mason works his nips. Hogan's in hog heaven, but hey, that's another video title. Nick starts workin' Hogan's bud with his fingers, then plows the hungry hole while Cope face fucks Hogan. Cope takes over and pounds the livin' hell outa Hogan's open manhole while everyone else is standin' around jackin' and watchin'. Nick hauls out a humongous fuckin' dildo and works Hogan's ass with it as Derek shoots a big, ropey load o' jizz down Hogan's hungry fuckin' pig throat.

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Stan said...

Looks hot! Love it when a pig bottom wears a jock and the others help holding his legs up while the others take their turn. Damn lucky pig!