Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank you

I want to thank EVERYONE for the GREAT comments and emails about my last post. I am completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of positive support and concern. They really made me stop and think how lucky I really am. Sometimes life just seems a little overwhelming and you forget about all of the good things in your life. Thanks for reminding me.

I'm doing OK. Seriously. I mean, I have problems and issues life everyone else. You come home from work and find a letter saying most of your retirement savings are gone. Your truck engine dies. Your refrigerator dies. Your boyfriend cheats on you. Your dog pees in your bed. That's just life. Everybody goes through these things. Being a porn star doesn't give you a free pass from this stuff. So you deal with the problems and you try to move on. It's not always easy. Hell... it's never easy. But that's life sometimes.

I wasn't really that upset about the cover. I knew weeks ago I wasn't going to be on it. Let's see... should I put Matt Rush on the cover or Nick Moretti? DUH? Even I would pick him. Of course I'm not mad at him. He left me the sweetest comment on my blog post. Exactly what you would expect from my friend. Conner Habib also left me a really nice comment. He's one of friends I've made in the last couple of years that really means a lot to me. Bo Matthews is another. I can't begin to tell you how much I value the friendship I've developed with him. These are some great people that have enriched my life by their presence in it. I would have never met them if it was not for my work in the porn industry.

How could I possibly complain? I've had the amazing opportunity to do some work in the porn industry. How many people are lucky enough to get that chance? How could I not be completely thankful for that opportunity and for having some success with it? I take none of that for granted and I thank all the companies who have hired me and the fans that have appreciated me. If I ever get on the cover of a DVD... AWESOME! If I don't... that's OK too. Hell, I may never get another job in porn again. Who knows? There's always someone new on the scene. Someone younger and hotter with a bigger dick and a perkier ass. No one knows when they are going to stop being popular. I am completely grateful for having had the opportunity at all.

As long as I'm thanking you guys I also want to say how much it means to me that you actually find my blog interesting enough to keep reading it. I just try to write what's going on in my life and the way I feel about it. I try to keep it real and honest... the same way I try to live my life. If you let your thoughts and feeling out they can't stay inside and fester and make you bitter. You have to deal with them. So as long as you guys keep reading this blog I'll keep posting. As you know by now, it's not always that interesting and sometimes it's a little sad and depressing. But that's the way life is sometimes. I try to look on the bright side and find humor in even the toughest situations. Thanks for appreciating that and showing your support through those times.

I wanted to send a more personal message to you guys so I posted a video message at the top of this post. The only way I knew how to do it is through Facebook so I hope you can view it. I think you have to sign up for Facebook and request me as a friend. Don't worry... I'll say "Yes" and be your friend. :-) Please let me know if you are having problems viewing it and I'll try to help you out.


Anonymous said...

Hey wow you have a pretty moving tale to tell yourself Mr........ thanks for the kind words over at my blog..... It's always nice to see that other people go through tough times, makes you remember that you're not treading the world alone!

As for your video, I can't see it? I'm on facebook add me!


Major_Hutch said...

dude we read your blog because your real on it. Sure you show of your persona for film but then you flash around the you that is you. People enjoy it.
Oh if you ever wanna check out a good movie.
Check out
Never BACK down

Stan said...

Dillinger's got it right, we read your blog because you keep it real. It's just that you being in the porn industry fascinates us and to have a window in the life of a porn star we admire so much is what makes you and your blog so interesting at least it is to me.

Tom said...

I wanted to comment on your previous blog post but frakkin' Firefox often decides it doesn't want to allow me do any of that on Blogger. *grrr*

Like you say, a porn star's career can be tenuous. I think it's best to approach it as you have: developing select friendships with trustworthy folks, enjoying the ride as far as it will take you. A cover would be icing on what is already a very delicious cake.

Anonymous said...

hope you got my email have a great day.....Ned

Sue said...

Nick - You have your health and that is the most important thing in life that no money can buy. Try to keep perspective and you will be okay. I hope you didn't find my email too presumptuous or preachy. I joined Facebook to see the video but now it is not available. You seem like an open minded and level headed guy. Maybe we can learn from each other.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,

like Dillinger and Stan said, we read because you are real.
Sure, we are doing a little bit of peeping into you and enjoy it.
Now speking for me.
I wanted to know, who's this guy behind Nick Moretti, the porn guy. I discovered, that he's a normal uy with normal problems. Just a guy with some more options some others. And that these optins come with more problems. But with joy, too.
You try to reach goals, you set yourself and you see the outcome later. I like about you, that you see it in a realistic view, if that outcome isn't what you expected. You laugh, when you are happy and you cry (not openly, bu in your heart) when you are upset.
And you are you. Nobody else can be you.
I just can secnd Stan. What he sys is true. We are like you, I think. We got an opportunity to look into another world and got hooked and enjoy the ride. *g* In this case with you as our guide.
I hope my email wasn't to cheeky.

*hugs with love*

PS: I'm on facebook too, but I can't view your video.

Anonymous said...

Now, just as I had promised, I am returning to your blog to see how you have evolved. Thanks a lot for your reply to my comment on your blog from two days back. Glad to know that you understood baisers the way I had wanted you to. The word can have two different meanings, albeit related in someways.

I am not on facebook, and wouldn't care to create an account. Being an old fashioned youngster, I write letters and can't be bothered to update blog entries.

Hope you have a rather calm, zen weekend. If the weather is good and you know of a lonely part of the beach, just go, close your eyes, feel the wind and the night. On a clear night, it'd be great to be able to count stars sitting on the grass, with no one around. You might in such cases, miss your ex, but then tell yourself that sometimes it is nice to have a break and be all alone.

Once you have counted more than a hundred stars, then you can drive/walk back home.

And don't think I am not naïve. I am. I am just assuming many things.

Baisers volés.

Anonymous said...

We're glad that you can get it all out, Nick. That's what you're blog is for. I live alone, and when I get home after a bad day, I look around and say, "no one here to help me on my sucky day," so I know how it feels when you need to vent. I started reading you blog because it was a blog about a porn star, but, to me, its evolving to a porn star with a blog; get what I'm saying? Well done!

aphrodite said...

Thank you for your Blog!! You've made pornstar humane.. pornstars always seem to be so far and imaginary to me.. maybe a little perverted monsters.. but after reading your blogs.. my perspective totally changed.. how wonderful you guys can be.. and normal lives you lead!

your new found fan from asia