Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tim and Ty

I've been trying to meet Ty LeBouf for years now. We've been in two of the same Hot House movies and have even been in the same city on the same street and still have never been able to connect. So I was really happy to find out that he was going to be visiting Fort Lauderdale and staying with my friend Tim.

I finally got the chance to have dinner with him and a whole group of other friends the night before the Atlantis cruise. Not only does he have the face of an angel and an amazing body, but he is funny as hell. What a sweetheart! And he is crazy... in a good way. Who else could win a "Best Chest" contest with his ass? If you've seen his ass you'd know how that could happen.

Unfortunately, I was so upset and preoccupied with the uncertainty of my cruise plans the next morning that I was acting like a depressed goth-chick Barista behind the counter at a Starbucks coffee. I probably didn't make a very good impression as I sat there and hardly said a thing. Ehh... what can you do? Maybe next time we meet I'll actually have a personality.

REFRIGERATOR UPDATE: The new refrigerator to replace the brand new non-working one that was delivered two weeks ago is finally going to be delivered today. This one better work! I am tired of living out of a styrofoam cooler. But most of all... I am having serious withdrawal symptoms from being without my precious Cheeseburger Lean Pockets. Keep your fingers crossed that this one works!

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