Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nick, Nick, Darkholme & Diamond

I just read a great review of the film "Blue Movie" by John Karr of the Bay Area Reporter. That's the one where I did a VERY HOT scene with the UNIMAGINABLY HOT Nick Piston. Rumor had it that the scene might have gotten a GAYVN nomination. It didn't... but it is still probably my favorite scene to date! The film is up for 5 awards including "Best All Sex Video".

Here's the part about my scene: "Then comes my favorite scene, two nasty nooky guys named Nick in a pungent pairing that's rough-n-rude. Nick Moretti's a little slicker-looking than the gangland-tatted Nick Piston, but both are macho turn-ons in their leather gear. Piston's cock has developed that fatty ring below the head that's common to pumpers. I don't like it. But it's hard as ever, and boy, does he get nailed atop a whomping big motorcycle. Before that, their ardor is marked by deep kissing and Piston's growly sex talk. Then he pounds himself down onto Moretti's pounding prick. They sweat."

Yup, we sweat... and hopefully you will too when you see it!

I'm heading out to San Francisco after work to film for Bound Gods again. This time Master Nick has a bit of a surprise in store for him. Seems the tons of requests for Master Nick to be bound and abused has worked. Rumor has it that at this time tomorrow I'll be in some tight bondage and at the mercy of Van Darkholme. But don't worry, there's a twist thanks to HOT new porn model Derrek Diamond. I mean... they don't call me "Master" Nick for nothing! :-)

I'm hopping right back on a plane after the shoot is over tomorrow and taking the Red Eye home. I want to finally get a good night's sleep so I can be all rested and purdy for the Winter Party Beach Party on Sunday!

I'll try to post on Saturday when I get home but if I don't... EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


Anonymous said...

you are just one hot pistol Nick and going to do my scenerio hurrah I have been waiting not to patiently for this one. Van has come through for me and you know your my choice for the scene hot hot hot......Ned

Stan said...

Have a safe trip to and from SF Nick. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Anonymous said...

Nick - I hope you have a safe trip and lots of fun in SF.

As one of the many who have begged Master Van to get you on the receiving end at BG, I was very excited to read this post!

Thank you Nick!

After this, however, please return to your Master persona, b/c that's when you really shine. I think it's because you are so sweet in real life. (as best I can tell from your Blog)

Tom said...

Oh, have a terrific shoot, Nick!

Now that you've "mastered" "BoundGods", my own fondest dream is that you'll shoot for's "Men in Pain" or "Captive Male" sites just to really mix it up, which I think I've commented about earlier in the blog somewhere.


Sue said...

You looked very hot in Blue Movie and the review was terrific! Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Pleasant flight back.