Sunday, February 22, 2009

Legend of the Steel Mill Ranch

I'm currently in Christmas Florida filming with Tober Brandt and Tyler Saint for Steel Mill Media. Tyler filmed his scene with Tober yesterday. Basically, he was kidnapped, tied to the hood of a truck, and tortured.

It's my turn next. I'm going to be heading out into the cold day to be tied to a fence next to the stable and be beaten and "branded". I've already prayed and meditated this morning so I'm not really nervous at all. I just hope the cold weather doesn't wake my weiner look small!

We still have one more scene, where Tober tortures both Tyler and I together and then some more "B" roll to film. Should be done about 9pm tonight. Just in time for me to hop in my truck and take the 3 1/2 hour drive home so I can work in the morning. It's definitely going to be a "Motrin Day" tomorrow! And I miss my dog like hell. Can't wait to get her out of the Kennel tomorrow night so I can snuggle with her.

The film is not all Tyler and I getting tortured though. They had a whip expert out to the ranch yesterday and he taught me how to throw a whip. NOT EASY! He kept saying, make believe you are throwing a baseball. Ummm... we didn't have baseball or even a field where I grew up in Brooklyn. I got good enough to pull off the scene where I whip Tober. It looked HOT as hell!

The most painful part of the whole weekend shoot is probably going to be all of the dialog that Tyler and I had to film by the campfire last night. Tyler actually offered to get tied to the truck again and beaten instead of continuing the dialog reading. It was 12:30 in the morning and we had been at it for over 3 hours already. Damn were we ever fucking every line up. It didn't help that we both got the massive script yesterday and didn't have a chance to memorize anything. But Rick and Dire (the Director and Producer for Steel Mill Media) were patient and guided us through the dialog till we finally finished. We all got to watch some of what was filmed before bedtime and it looked AWESOME!!!! Seriously, Fuck "Brokeback Mountain"... "Legend of Steel Mill Ranch" is gonna make that look like a bad afterschool special. OK... maybe not. But I was really happy with what I saw and I think it's all going to tie together to make this one GREAT film!

As I was typing this I thought... "You know, there are only 3 of us in the whole film. I HAVE to get on the cover of this DVD. Unless, Matt Rush is driving his ass up here up and the film name gets changed to "Legend of Matt Rush Ranch". Na... he would never be in a BDSM film. He is a self proclaimed "Vanilla" sex kind a guy. Hell... the time we were all out dancing and he reached down and felt that my pants were soaked he almost threw up. It would proably make more sense if I mentioned that they were actually soaked with piss. Not mine, of course. Ya... I think I got the cover of this one.

Well, they just came to get me for my beating. Wish me luck! I'll have lots of iPhone pictures to post when I get back home so look for those in the next few days.


Y said...

Yup,the cover is yours.Can`t wait for more pics.


Anonymous said...

You lead such a unique ilfe! I think I need to get into porn haha

Anonymous said...

oh my you three hoties have all the fun ropin raslin ane whipin

Major_Hutch said...

;) lol shrinkage...your pornstar your probably bigger then normal anyways. Shrinkage on a porn star haha would be big by normal standards.
Whip expect? whips are actually hard to figure out but once you get it. You've got it. I have an indiana Jones whip replica. I use it in the woods to swing from trees.

Stan said...

I hope your drive home went well Nick and your finally reunited with your best friend. It's always comforting to know that unconditional love is there waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

How much for those piss stained jeans of your's?!?! Seriously.

I think a used underwear auction would help to stimulate....uh, the economy or something.

Unknown said...

A beating...sure lends new meaning to a rough day at the office. Break a leg!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting the cover!!

Kristie~ said...

We'll all hope you've got this cover nailed??