Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tyler & Tober & Me... Oh My!

This weekend I'm working right here in Florida with Steel Mill Media, a company I've never worked with before. I always get nervous when it comes to meeting a cast and crew I've never met and it makes it even rougher because they are a heavy duty BDSM company. Up until today I didn't have any details. So I shot them an email yesterday asking for some info before I get in my pick-up truck on Friday and head up there. The response came today.

DAMN WAS I HAPPY!!! My scene mates are going to be Tyler Saint and Tober Brandt! I've worked with both of them before and they are the perfect partners for a harcore, mindfuck, BDSM scene!

Of course I can't say that I've completely forgiven Tyler for beating the shit out of me and leaving my toe permanently deformed and immobile while shooting the wrestling video for Naked Combat. But we've worked together many times before and I know the minute we connect again all will be forgiven and we'll give each other a HUGE HUG!!!

I only worked with Tober once on the Bound Gods shoot "Tober Gang Bang - Part 1 & 2". Can you guess what that was about? (LOL) I did some research on Tober before that shoot and I have to admit I was kinda freaked out by what I found out. I read in his self written bio...

I LOVE needle play, fisting, piss, hook suspension, beating (fist), flogging, knives and gun play (loaded, of course - prefer no safety, but if someone insists...), being degraded/humiliated, breath control (including drowning scenes), cutting and consentual cannabalism , felching and NAY body fluids..."

UM CONSENTUAL CANNABALISM?!!!! What the fuck? Unless he's talking about eating toe nails I'm really, really frightened!!!

But then I met Tober and he was a Big Ole Teddy Bear. Albiet one with gay pride rainbow colored hair at the time. He snuggled me every time we took a break from our scene. I felt nice and warm and safe. Thoughts of him taking a bite out of my ear didn't even cross my mind.

Of course, I did get to witness the "harder" edge of Tober Brandt at Folsom this year as he had hooks inserted into his body and was suspended by them. It was creepy as hell... but oddly peaceful and beautiful.

Who knows what the weekend has in store for us as we spend it together at the ranch? Probably some of the most extreme bondage and sadistic torture that I will ever see.

OK... I'm starting to get scared again.

All the photos for this post are from the Bound Gods video "Tober Brandt Gang Bang - Part 1 & 2"


Anonymous said...

oh my indeed! very hot

Nick you gotta come to Ireland with a crew and let me be in a porn film .... as I'm now versatile, I'm sure I could spice up a shoot! lol

Tom said...

I still remember my own reaction to reading Tober's sexual interests. I may have clamped my hands around my crotch and puckered the booty extra tight. :) But, as you've experienced, he's a sweet person and can cuddle ya real nicely.

Have fun with the scene! You want me to email Tyler and discourage him from any bone-breaking? :p

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I stumbled upon your blog when I saw your profile on Big Muscles. You are difinitely hot. But what makes you crème de la crème is that you have a beautiful mind. A very beautiful one. No, don't worry, I am not trying to seduce you... we are from two worlds completely different. I hardly watch porn, am slim, look more like a school boy and have school boy habits like reading, and writing...(letters, what a pleasure) and when I go to swim, I get pissed off by men who stare (I have this pure sportsmanship mentality which is strange to gays!)... so there you go, don't worry.

I like reading your blog and will return as regularly as I can.

Don't know if you ever travel to Europe, but I am sure you will gracefullyy accept a baiser from Paris.

Bye and keep posted.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your new scenes with Tober and Tyler. Tober's Gang Bank was where I first saw you, and remains my favorite BoundGods scene.

When is Van going to turn the tables and have the slaves revolt and dominate you three? Now we're talking.