Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fuck the GAYVNs... my blog gets an "A"!

They announced the nominees for the 2009 GAYVN Awards yesterday and I was not nominated for anything. Again.

I was more than a little bummed because I was actually told by a reliable source that there was a chance that my scene with Nick Piston from "Blue Movie" might be nominated. I mean, I deep throated his hugely swollen cock with the 0 gauge prince albert piercing still on it. What the hell do you have to do to get nominated! Maybe I should have deep throated the freakin motorcycle! Ugh.

But my brief pity party was crashed by my friend and porn crush Conner Habib with AMAZINGLY GREAT NEWS!

The new issue of Unzipped Magazine hit the stands yesterday and there was a feature story on gay porn star blogs and they rating mine as top! The other Gay Porn Bloggers featured were Jason Ridge, Dean Monroe (God am I HOT for that boy), Jason Hawke, Tristan Mathews, Jean Franko and Geoffrey Paine.

I was the only Gay Porn Blogger to get an "A" and Ken Knox (who wrote the article) wrote such GREAT things about me and my blog!

"Moretti writes in complete sentences, uses proper pronunciation and even understands the proper meaning of irony! Couple his grammatical skills with a big dick and a tattooed, muscled body and you've got one hot porn star blog."

"With his wit, wisdom, and ability to spell, Moretti just might be the XXX blogger we've all been waiting for."

Damn, does that make me proud and happy!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Ken Knox and the guys at Unzipped Magazine for acknowledging my blog and giving me such high praise. It really means a lot to this humble porn star. Probably more than an award for my cock sucking skills!


Anonymous said...

You deserve it, Nick.
I can just say... he's right!

From me it's an 'A' for you, too.

Y said...

I too expected to see your name on the list,Nick!

Mr.Knox appreciated a blog.At last!
You deserve it od course.

Stan said...

You'll ALWAYS be on TOP with me Nick! (I wish!) Oh man, to have you top Dean Monroe, also a favorite of mine is just mind blowing for me to even imagine!
Kudos to Ken Knox!
Hugs, XXX,

Tom said...

Congratulations, handsome.

Anonymous said...

A well deserved A! You work very hard on your blog. You even answer pertinent questions. They're not that many who do. By the way, the February 6th picture of you is quite divine. Congrats

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your posts a lot, being the closet boy I am, it means a lot. :)