Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slicked Master and the Golden Boy

The Bound Gods video I did with my new friend Luke Riley should be up in a week or two. I did manage to find the synopsis of the scene on the database though. (I'm sneaky that way.) Here it is...

Slicked Master and the Golden Boy
Our slicked Master Nick Moretti is back with a new boy toy, luke riley. Both are slicked-up in the first scene where Master Nick receives head in his cock-sucking chair. He pulls the ass-zipper down on his slicked-up boy and slides his cock inside. Nick then ties up his boy and balances him on wooden stilts. To reminds luke who's boss, Nick beats him up with his leather flogger. He then suspends slave boy luke and fucks him until both men spray hot cum all over luke's body.

Ah... Good memories!
(I posted a photo from the shoot that I took with my trusty iPhone.)

A not so good memory was being at the doctor's office yesterday and having him tell me that one of my little piggies will never be going to the market again! DAMN YOU TYLER SAINT!!! My dreams of being a foot model are destroyed before they even had a chance to blossom. LOL.

But seriously, turns out the break I had on my toe was a "spiral break". It must have happened one of the 132 times that Tyler picked me up like a rag doll and flung me to the ground. Fucker! So while the bone is healing nice and straight, it will always look like a fat little cocktail weiner and it will never bend again. Ah... the price you pay for being a BDSM porn star. LOL

OK... I gotta add that even though he dashed my dreams, and deformed my body, I still love Tyler. How could you not? :-)


Frank said...

I can never look Tyler Saint the same way again fearing one of my body parts will be deformed for the rest of my life LOL
Just kidding.Your right though.The life of a BDSM porn star isn't whats it cracked up to be.Ooops!
That was a bad pun.My bad!
I still love you Nick deformed toe and all!

Y said...

Lol Nick,love your sense of humor.The broken toe just goes to show what a big pro you are!

Can`t wait to see your and Luke`s BG vid.

Anonymous said...

Poor piggy, I hope your not in too much pain?

Stan said...

That pic of your upcoming bound gods video looks very hot! You sure know how to torture a guy Nick. I could only wish!